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Helping small but mighty marketing teams convert the curious into clients.

Alison K Consulting provides SEO, web and rebrand consulting for service-based businesses and organizations.

Make your website work harder in an afternoon.

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"5 Things Small Marketing Teams Forget To Do For Their Website Guide" is your ticket to turning your website into a stronger marketing machine. In plenty of time before your next team meeting.

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Alison K Consulting offers support and training where your awesome team needs it most.

What would your business or organization look like if you suddenly had a senior marketing manager, SEO expert and brand designer *poof* added to your team?

Someone who could look from the outside-in at all your efforts, processes, and fiddly-bits you've cultivated over the years and organized it into a clear path of opportunities.

Who could support keen team members who've been asking to go deeper make decisions on their own and action them... without breaking anything.

Without having to outsource the work -or- enter into a lengthy retainer where someone throws a jargon-filled report at you every month.

What would that look like?

More time to focus on deeper, juicier marketing initiatives

Less time wasted on second guessing and re-inventing the wheel

Fulfilled team members tapping into their full potential

Others in your company/org emailing you "Holy sh*t! Your folx are rocking it!"

And your team totally will rock it. Without hiring another consultant bro or subcontractor who don't get you and your business. Because Alison K gets you. And your kick-ass team.

SEO Consulting

"After our SEO work with Alison K, course sales went from sporadic single units to weekly bulk purchases. Because of her SEO recommendations, our DEI training is now more accessible to employees across Canada... exceeding our initial projections!"

- Kim Scaravelli, The Canadian Diversity Initiative

Website Consulting

"Alison K connected the dots on how we share content to our target audience and measure results. Her consulting really helped simplify our messaging with stronger clarity, both through our website and social media."

- Ashley Pettipas, Festival Antigonish Summer Festival and Theatre Antigonish

Rebranding Consulting

"When we decided we needed a new brand for the annual Social Media Day Halifax Conference, we specifically requested Alison K design it. We knew she would approach it with enthusiasm, competitor research and best branding practices. "

- Linda Daley, VP, Social Media Day Halifax Conference