Hello! I'm Alison Knott, your SEO and website consultant

When it comes to websites and rebranding, I am your team's linchpin. But what is a linchpin?

It is defined as 'a fastener used to prevent a wheel or other part from sliding off the axle upon which it is riding'. In short, it holds a mechanism together - many parts rely on one linchpin to function successfully.

For small marketing teams, I am that army of one.

Alison Knott smiling while her hair sways in the breeze. She is outside wearing a bright multipatterned blouse.

Three experts in one 5'5'' package

What could you accomplish if suddenly *poof* you had an SEO consultant, senior digital marketer and brand designer at your disposal?

That's exactly what you get when you work with me, Alison K!

You see, I began my career in print design, but, ever curious and unstoppable, I found myself taking on marketing tasks for clients as well. The beauty of working for small teams is the variety of roles and skills you acquire.

I also felt the pull of web design and development. I was struck by how it brings people, opportunities and ideas together.

So I coded. And designed. And digital marketed (is that even a phrase?). And SEO'd my way through 20+ brands and over 200 websites.

These days see me help SMBs and nonprofits turn their websites and brands into ROI machines. Especially if their offers are complex or niche, attracting the right audiences via SEO, web and rebrand strategies is my specialty.

And I get to accomplish all this from the comfort of my home office in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. Talk about a dream job!

“I show small service-based and nonprofit marketing teams how to turn the curious into clients through their website - so they can grow awareness and increase revenue in a more strategic way (without hiring more people).”
— Alison K.

It is an immense privilege to help you achieve your dreams

Let's make your website and brand exceed your expectations! My job is to become a temporary part of your team, elevate everyone's knowledge and skills, and then step back to let you do your magic. Therefore, I promise:

  1. To audit your unique marketing situation with understanding, creativity and curiosity.
  2. To action next steps with recommendations aligned with your core goals and team abilities.
  3. To train and support your team in a way that is empathetic and motivating.
  4. To leave you with the tools and resources you need to continue rocking your goals independent of me.

If I sound like the right fit for your company or organization, let's take 30 minutes to discuss what you need.

How can I support you and your team?

Want to harness SEO in a manageable and enjoyable way?

Looking to power up your website in a way that attracts quality leads?

Need a keynote or seminar on web and marketing literacy?

Alison Knott in purple wig, big glasses and rainbow tights outside during Halifax Pride.

Community matters

Being part of community is as equally important to me as the success of my clients. I believe we all have something good to contribute during our time here on this little blue marble. On my end, this has included: