Hello! I'm Alison Knott, your ethical B2B marketing coach and consultant

The problem is B2B marketers are expected to do everything, measure everything, and "grow" everything.

We're supposed to always know the latest trends, tech, and tricks while managing drop-of-a-hat demands of leadership.

Gross. Let's change that.

I believe that no one is perfect at every aspect of B2B marketing. I also believe that two heads are better than one: that from collaboration comes joy and magic.

Alison Knott smiling while her hair sways in the breeze. She is outside wearing a bright multipatterned blouse.

If your B2B brand puts good into the world, I'm the consultant for you

Explaining what you do and who you serve can be tough. Especially when digital marketing tactics and advice tend to favour ecommerce and SaaS solutions.

But what if your service or mission deals with highly sensitive, esoteric, or complex topics?

What if your goals have less to do with units sold and more about social impact?

What if you don't want some pushy marketing guru, but rather a companion who can coach and consult on the tricky bits you're stuck on?

Does that sort of marketing consultant even exist?

Hell yes! My name is Alison K, and I'm here to elevate your digital marketing with intention and integrity.


Three experts in one 5'5'' package

What could you accomplish if suddenly *poof* you had an SEO consultant, senior digital marketer and web conversion expert in your back pocket?

Someone who loves marketing and messaging like you do, and just gets what you're trying to achieve.

That's exactly what you get when you work with me.

You see, I began my career in print design, but, ever curious and unstoppable, I found myself taking on marketing tasks for clients as well. The beauty of working for small teams is the variety of roles and skills you acquire.

I also felt the pull of web design and digital marketing. I was struck by how it brings people, opportunities and ideas together.

So I coded. And designed. And digital marketed (is that even a phrase?). And SEO'd my way through 20+ brands and over 200 websites.

Today I help wicked-smart marketers and comms leaders:

  • Cross off items on their to-do list 3x faster
  • Dig into the juicier projects that brings them joy
  • Track results in a sustainable way that impresses leadership
  • Fall back in love with marketing

And I get to accomplish all this from the comfort of my home office in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. Talk about a dream job!

“I help busy marketers and founders wearing that hat get sh*t done. How? By becoming their second brain, complimenting their skills, and lifting them up to shine brighter in the role they love.”
— Alison K.

My role in your marketing, and my guarantee to you

Our work together isn't transactional: it's transformational. Since something like "transformation" isn't tangible, I know it can feel very risky to invite someone into your business and ask them to help you change it.

Therefore, I guarantee:

  1. To be a true advocate for your ideal audience. I'll tell it like it is. My job is to show you how to attract the right people with your marketing. Which means challenging what you do now, and supporting you in what happens next. I'm here to empower you, not placate.
  2. To teach, not just preach. I don't want to be another consultant that leaves you with a pile of things to do and no way to do them. Learning by doing is critical to marketing success. Which is why coaching is baked into all my offerings, and I'm happy to train team members where needed.

If I sound like the right fit for you, let's discuss what you need.

My consulting services go beyond the audit - expect accountability, coaching and training too!

Need support in hitting your marketing out of the park?

Need a digital marketing speaker for your event?

Alison Knott in purple wig, big glasses and rainbow tights outside during Halifax Pride.

Community matters

Being part of community is as equally important to me as the success of my clients. I believe we all have something good to contribute during our time here on this little blue marble. On my end, this has included: