Hello! I'm Alison Knott,
Your Web and Brand Consultant

When it comes to web and design, I am a linchpin.

But what is a linchpin?

It is defined as 'a fastener used to prevent a wheel or other part from sliding off the axle upon which it is riding'. In short, it holds a mechanism together - many parts rely on one linchpin to function successfully. For startups and small business owners, I am that army of one.

Yup, huge Seth Godin fan over here.

Photo by Michelle Doucette
Photo by Michelle Doucette

Bird Lover, Code Cuddler, Stage Slayer

I began my career in print design, but, ever curious and unstoppable, I found myself taking on marketing tasks for clients as well. The beauty of working for small teams is the variety of roles and skills you acquire. I, too, felt the pull of web design and development: I was struck by how it brings people, opportunities and ideas together.

Today, I help small business owners reach their goals online. I also run meetups, Facebook Live shows, speak on stages internationally and mentor emerging female designers.

When I'm not elbows deep in the 'biz, you can find me at home with my two annoying-but-too-cute-not-to-love-em parrots, PeeWee and Birdie.

In The Community

Since 2012, I've lead a meetup and online resource hub for designers, illustrators and animators called the Creative Kick.

How much do I love WordPress? I co-created and organize the WordPress Halifax Meetup. I also started Atlantic Canada's only WordPress conference in 2017.

I am proud to have been featured on Amplify East, showcasing that women are not a supply issue for Atlantic Canada.

Additionally, I am also a member of Digital Nova Scotia, Center For Women In Business, Volta (Network Member), and 100 Women Who Care Halifax.


My Approach

... is not that of a typical designer. I ask questions that relate to your business goals and your target clientele. If I don’t deeply understand what you’re trying to do, no amount of flashy design or trendy templates will bring you results. I don’t create websites or brands that are ‘pretty’; I build solutions that bring in more sales, more traffic, and more ROI. The fact they look great is a natural result (phew!).

Aesthetics matter to me, but not as much as your business impact. My passion for data and coding are an asset when it comes to helping your business do more for you online.



Darlin', I was born ready. Let's get to the heart of your business problems and turn your website or brand into everything you need it to be. I love getting to know your company's culture, quirks and dreams. Best part? I'm available for short/long-term projects and consultation, both remotely or on site here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

How can I help you?

Overwhelming website to-do list and don't know where to start?

Time for the next great iteration of your current website?

Looking to rebrand your business to stand out from the competiton?

The Ever-Expanding Client List

AA Munro Insurance
Aflame Creations
Atlantic Flight Attendant Academy
Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort
Captain Mushface
Center for Women in Business
Beezy Wraps
Choice Magazine
Country Parent
CurviGirl Corsets
Daley Progress Inc.
Digital Nova Scotia
Divers Certification Board of Canada
East Hants Historical Society
East Hants Municipality
EnChor East
Faculty of Health, Dalhousie
Farmworks Investment Co-op Ltd.
Fireworks Gallery
Foresight Atlantic Inc.
Fraser & Hoyt Incentives
Full Circle Adventures
Grape Growers Association of NS

Hal-Con SciFi Con 2012
Halifax Comedy Festival
Halifax International Buskers Festival
Highlander Law Group
JAS Potential
Lea Brovedani
Legal Essentials Inc.
Maggie Rossiter
Mappatura Italian Bistro
MBS Yukon
Meryl Cook
Mosaic Manufacturing
My Campus GPS
NetZero Energy Solutions
Nova Scotia Choral Federation
O2 Wellness Gym
O'Keefe Law
Optimyz Magazine
Outsider Insight Project
PEG Entertainment
Penelope's Boutique
Pickle Planet Moncton
Podium Coaching
Pride Festival Halifax 2014

Queer Acts Festival 2014
Reshaping Our World
Sable Island Institute
Sandra Currie-Samson
Scotia Stone
Scotian Gold Apples
SmartCat Marketing
Social Media Day Halifax
Stay Hungry
Steak And Stein Family Restaurants
Stellaria Herbals
Teens Now Talk Magazine
The Creative Kick
The Guardian Phase
The Shaar Shalom Congregation
The Small Monsters
Top Level Digital
Trust Communications Inc.
Twirp Communications Inc.
WILU Conference