Boldly LinkedIn

A masterclass for consultants and fractionals who want an authentic brand on LinkedIn that attracts clients!

Unlock a confident, visible, and influential LinkedIn presence that you're friggin' proud of.

As a consultant or fractional, you know standing out on LinkedIn is essential to grab the attention of prospects and peers. You're passionate about your field, dripping with value, and ready to help clients.

And yet, posting authentically on LinkedIn has been oddly difficult to do!

It's not just you, Darlin'. As a marketing consultant for B2B brands and startups, I've noticed the same issue raised by my own clients and colleagues. Does any of this sound familiar?

Overthinking content 'cus it's "never good enough", or feels "already overdone".

Running out of ideas on what to post, so you get discouraged.

Because you represented someone else's brand for so long, having your own is daunting.

Fear that you'll offend someone or mess up royally in a super public space.

All you do is either repost others' content, or promote yourself. Neither feel right.

On top of all this, the stakes are high. You need this to work so you can grow your authority (and thus, revenue). But you just can't seem to make LinkedIn stick!

It's time to be bold on LinkedIn, because clients need to see how awesome you really are.

So get "Boldly LinkedIn"; a transformative one-hour masterclass designed to push you past your fears, embrace your unique professional identity, and illuminate your LinkedIn presence like never before.

The goal is simple: help others see your passion and expertise on LinkedIn. But getting there is tough on your own. You don't need another algo hack or prompt sheet. You need a human to help you attract other humans!

When the 60 minutes are up, you'll:

Overcome the "Perfection Poop" that holds you back from being visible.

Know the engagement essentials that builds true authority and trust with your audience.

Have the confidence to create and share content that resonates, engages, and enhances your professional brand.

Be able to post on LinkedIn without getting nervous poops 😉

"I loved it - Alison K gave me a plan and motivated me to get moving. Her enthusiasm is so encouraging. Everything presented was very clear."

Marnie Cooper, FDRP

"I loved the class and I have mapped things out for next month. Also made much-needed adjustments to my profile. I've recommended this training to other colleagues--I raved, to be honest."

Jeanette Doucet, Senior Fundraising Consultant

"Alison K as always is an unrelenting storm of valuable information and understanding. This truly was a masterclass that anyone who is unsure of the LinkedIn landscape should take. It puts you to a path of self confidence and planning that we all can benefit from. 5 Stars, two enthusiastic thumbs up."

Frank Orlando, Principal, Orlando Media

Ok, sounds interesting. Who is this masterclass for?

Consultants, fractionals, knowledge experts, and freelancers who want to "be better at LinkedIn" to attract clients and build their own brand. Get in on the fun if:

You want to be authentic, useful, and respected on LinkedIn.

You know your ideal clients are also on LinkedIn.

You want engagement, DMs, and awesome connections from your efforts.

You're done "putting this off" and want someone to push you to action.

Who should skip this masterclass?

People who don't want to be on LinkedIn. I can't help you if you hate the platform!

People who just want templates and prompts. You don't need more of those, you need an action plan.

Fuddy-duddies. We're gonna dig into things from a creative standpoint.

Alison K balancing on a chair with one leg in the air.

Who’s facilitating this, anyway?

Allo! My name is Alison K (Knott), and I’m a hyperactive  B2B marking coach/consultant, fCMO, and facilitator.

This masterclass is a response to the surge of interest in creating an awesome brand on LinkedIn from clients and colleagues.

Since 2012, I've helped founders and business owners tuneup their marketing messaging to "convert the curious into clients". The likes of Grow Now, The Forum, and Digital Skills for Women+ have hired me to facilitate entrepreneurs in optimizing SEO, email marketing, and earned media.

Especially identifying what makes their brand special and attractive to prospects.

And now I'm going after LinkedIn. The most common comments I get on my own  presence are "I love how authentic you are on here." "You're so refreshing to see." "I love your approach." "I wish I had your courage to post like that."

And I know you want that, too. Because blending in as a corporate drone is not going to land you clients as an independent expert. Competition is stiff. Automation has diluted originality. People are bored of the same 10 influencers. This is your chance to stand out, Darlin.

That's why this is called "Boldly LinkedIn" and not "Blandly LinkedIn" 😉

If having people see you as an authentic human ready to solve their problems excites you… this is -exactly- the masterclass you need to be in.

More Praise for Bodly LinkedIn

"From start to finish, Alison’s LinkedIn Masterclass was interesting, engaging, and full of great content – the pages of notes I have are a testament to what I got from this session. The hour was so packed that she even included some “extras” after, but it was not overwhelmingly packed! Alison has a way of making things digestible and manageable. Her wonderfully authentic quirky nature means you will not be bored!"

Wendy Harris, Personal Assistant

"Alison K is a JOY to follow on LinkedIn and her energy really came through in the masterclass! It was such a fun way to make LinkedIn feel more manageable as a platform! I can't wait to put some of her lessons into practice."

Christina Martin Kenny, Founder, Wit Philanthropy

"If you need a kick start or just a kick to get things done you need to jump into a call with Alison! I attended her BOLD LinkedIn workshop yesterday and she did not disappoint, I have pages of notes, and to do's. But more importantly the motivation and knowledge to make the change... a new headline, a new book an appointment button, and a new banner. Well worth the investment of time and money to get it done!"

Bernice Williams, Business Pollinator, Intentional Connection

FAQ and other deets

Will this work if my ideal audience are the super corporate types?

This is about finding the sweet spot of what makes you unique and attractive to your ICP. Each participants' style and motivations will be different. But I challenge the idea that just because you fish in a corporate lake, you have to dim your light. There is a balance, but it's bolder than you may be giving yourself permission to be.

Do you cover selling with LinkedIn?

Nope, I'm a marketer not a sales whiz. This focuses on unlocking your personal/professional brand in a way that works for LinkedIn. People buy from whom they (first) like, know, and trust. So we gotta start there.

Are prompts included?

You develop an action plan during the session which is a blend of strategy and tactics. You won't leave empty handed. BUT if you want a bundle of fill-in-the-blanks, there's already loads of that elsewhere online for free. The work done in this masterclass first will make others' templates and prompts more useful to you.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds for the Replay + Workbook.

Don't dilly-dally: say "yes" to being bold on LinkedIn. Your future clients will thank you!