Alison K. on the Cooking Show "Chit, Chat, Chop"

Post by Alison Knott | Last Updated: February 10, 2021

Wait. Wait? Huh? Your favourite web weirdo cooked up something fancy on Facebook Live!

“Chit, Chat, Chop” is an amazing FacebookLive cooking show hosted by the fine folks at Kitchen Door. They’ve had politicians. They’ve had athletes. They’ve had bands. And now they’ve had… me?

Chit Chat Chop Ep 051 –

Chit Chat Chop – Ep 051 – Alison Knott of Eraserheader DesignTonight Chef Andrew taught Alison how to make a delicous AND easy German dish. We were a little worried, and we had the fire extinguishers ready but Alison did GREAT!They also talked about all of the amazing things that Eraserheader does as well as why she does it. Alison was such a delight to have on the show and she is FULL of personality, watch it below!CAUTION: Cheesy puns ahead. These two dropped at least 2 cheesy puns each, be forewarned ;)#ChitChatChop

Posted by Kitchen Door on Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Ahead of the show, I took it upon myself to learn video editing and create this silly little 2 minute teaser to promote my upcoming guest spot. Now, I am NOT a videographer and between filming and editing, this little gem took  10 hours of my time. So, if ever you’re thinking “gee I wish I could make X, but I don’t know how…”, well, I’m of the opinion just do it!. Doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect. Get er done!

PS: some people have been asking me how in the heck a web designer ends up on a cooking show. The answer is simple:

I asked to be on the show.

That’s right. Take my experience as a note that if you want to accomplish something in your business… sometimes you gotta just ask. The worst that can happen is you get a “no” or no reply at all. Asking is how you get on news segments, featured in industry lists and appear as a guest author on blog sites.

I know what you’re doing is awesome, but everyone is busy with their own awesomeness as well. So, step up to that plate and ask what you need. You never know, you might end up on a cooking show like yours truly…