Ready to make marketing sustainable and do-able? Book a free marketing consultation with Alison K!

If you would like to:

Get jargon-free, actionable marketing insight that gets you closer to your target audience.

Know precisely where your website excels at conversion, and where more opportunities exist.

Use marketing in a way that feels aligned with your goals and ethics.

Level-up your own or your team's capabilities so you can be more effective.

And you are brand who:

Is changing the world for the better (themes of social impact, DEI, sustainability, etc)

Has been in operation for at least 3 years OR are a seasoned expert in your industry.

Offers services that don't fit easily in a "want it > buy it > add to cart" system.

Makes at least $60k/year in revenue.

Are not in the diet, DTC/e-commerce, or real estate industries.

Then book a complimentary 30 minute consult with me below. We'll get to the bottom of what you need to attract (and convert) more of your target audience. Whether we decide to work together or not, I promise you'll leave this session with more clarity than when you began!

I celebrate a more diverse, equitable and inclusive world, that respects people of all backgrounds, experiences and gender expressions. I work with brands that strive for a better world too.

All other inquiries, please email or call.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 9-5 Atlantic
Office: North End Halifax, Nova Scotia

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