Digital Marketing Speaker Alison Knott: inspiring audiences to do more with their websites through high-energy humour

collage of Alison Knott speaking
collage of Alison Knott speaking

Digital marketing, SEO and website presentations that delight your crew.

Are you an organization whose members are asking for webinars that help them do more with their digital marketing and websites without being overly technical?

Are you a conference organizer looking for a woman in marketing who keeps audiences engaged and laughing instead of thumbing through their phones?

Do you run a mastermind as part of your business and want a guest expert that tells it like it is, answer any AMA thrown at them, AND give your members plenty of take-home goodies?

Then you need to book Alison Knott, pronto!

Business Conference Keynote

"We’re so happy we chose Alison K to kicked off our small business conference. Her energy and humour had the audience laughing and learning first thing in the morning. As promised, Alison delivered an accessible blend of action items and marketing wisdom anyone could benefit from, no matter what stage of business they were at. We wholeheartedly recommend having her start (or end) your event, because her passion for thriving online truly energizes a crowd."

- Michelle Champniss, Executive Director,
Sackville Business Association

Custom Workshop Series Via Zoom

"We approached Alison K to create a custom series on Google Analytics for museum professionals and we were absolutely delighted with the results! Alison’s enthusiasm made for really engaging sessions. Participants were able to take what they learned in the sessions and apply it directly to their work! A wonderful experience all around!"

- Brendan Cull, Content Creation & Technology Manager
Ottawa Museum Network

Years of being the extroverted geeky kid have paid off.

Alison K (Alison Knott) is an international digital marketing speaker who's passionate about the intersection of web, creativity and business. Her main mandate: to raise digital marketing literacy for small business and non-profits.

Her presentations are an unusual blend of high-octane enthusiasm and actionable lessons. Boring tech jargon has no place in her talks!

Alison aims to engage audiences at the highest level. Action plans, workshop sessions and giving out candy are just a few examples. Whatever it takes to have people leave inspired, she's on board.

In addition to public speaking, Alison has held teaching positions at NSCAD University and NSCC IT Campus, mentoring hundreds of students about design and the web. A proud woman in tech, Alison produced Atlantic Canada's first WordPress conference and Meetup. She also mentors emerging female and gender-diverse designers and marketers.

"Member satisfaction and engagement is everything for us. The avalanche of ❤️heart❤️ and 🤯exploding head🤯 emojis in the chat during Alison K’s workshop says it all. She shares our passion for raising nonprofit's web skills. Her energy and expertise were just what we needed to kick off a new year of sessions!"

- Elijah van der Giessen, co-host of NetSquared Vancouver

“Alison K gave a marketing essentials workshop to one of our Grow Now cohorts, which is a virtual accelerator targeted at female-led tech companies. What we appreciated about her content was how it applied across the different industries and stages of growth that makes our cohort unique. Her delivery was warm and enthusiastic, which makes a big difference when you want concepts to stick and resonate. Alison also provided hands-on activities that helped participants think about the purpose behind their marketing, before getting too far into tactics. She is as advertised!”

-Tamasha Fernando, Project Lead, Center For Women In Business

“Out of the 30 incredible speakers we have hosted this semester, Alison K had to be one of the best we had brought an unmatched energy into her presentation, it only made me want to listen more. Her presentation was simple, digestible and honestly, inspiring for all our creative students.”

- Adam Khamis,
Project Coordinator, Skills, Development and Training,
Saint Mary's University Entrepreneurship Centre

Marketing podcast guest appearances

Digital marketing presentations, webinars and workshops your audience will love

Known as everyone's favourite hyperactive web nerd, Alison K enables your audience to dive into the data that matters. Armed with humour and insight, she leaves attendees stoked that they attended your event and ready to take action.

Here's a selection of some of the digital marketing topics she covers:

"Search Intent: the key to successful SEO (and digital marketing)"

If you feel SEO is only about pleasing the Google Gods - think again!

Alison K breaks down what search intent really means from a customer attraction perspective. Plus, how understanding the fundamentals of search fits into marketing and sales funnels.

This is not the jargony SEO talk you were expecting. But it is the marketing insight you really need to attract people who don’t know about your brand… yet.

"Google Analytics: The Social Media Tool Everyone Avoids"

You’re finally getting the hang of this whole “social media thing”. You’re posting on the regular, maybe even growing a following. So all this work is translating into ROI, right? Right? Bueller?

Since you can’t pay the bills with “likes”, how do you measure (and reap the reward of) social media success? With Google Analytics! In this session, you’ll see how Google Analytics isn’t a scary pit of charts and numbers, but an accessible tool anyone can use to do social media better.

"Ways to Measure Your Online Efforts"

You’ve been working hard at growing your online presence. You’re active on social media, creating content for your website and/or recommending people to visit your site so they do business with you. But are you effectively tracking the results of all this hard work? Do you have a system in place, or simply assume everything’s going great?

Alison K will covers bad habits of website owners that wastes time and resources, matching business goals to obtainable and realistic outcomes (aka: what are good numbers?) and 5 quick wins anyone can get in Google Analytics.

"Designed To Be Clicked"

It’s time to level up your marketing thinking… through design! Your social media and web graphics need to convince people to click, buy, or call, and a little design knowledge can go a long way to achieve this.

Alison K covers the secrets of design principles, typography, how to push your brand ahead of everyone else, avoiding template traps, and more. All this with helpful before and after case studies to hit points home.

8 Step Traffic Growth Approach (interactive workshop)

Want to attract prospects who are already thinking about your products or services? Wondering how SEO, social media and newsletters work together to bring leads?

Participants are lead through an 8-step process that turns existing content into website traffic magnets. Complete with tips, tricks and treats to save time and generate content ideas.

"The 25% of Google Analytics Everyone Needs to Know"

Google Analytics is a household name. Many businesses have it installed on their sites, but don’t really know what to do next. This means critical data goes unnoticed, and decisions are made subjectively.

Alison K helps audiences answer the questions that matter: Who’s really reading your content? Should you bother with that redesign? Was that Facebook ad worth it? How are you being found through Google Search?

Will your audience fall asleep during a session with Alison K? No way:

"Alison delivered one of the most entertaining and informative webinars to our group of small independent business owners that I've ever attended! Full of effective and doable, digital marketing tips without the jargon and overwhelm. Super accessible with so many actionable takeaways for small business owners. Highly recommend!”
- Melanie Little, vLife CEO & Co-founder

“Alison K brings an infectious energy and deep honesty to her presentation - it’s certainly refreshing. She has a knack for breaking down a complex topic into easily digestible parts for her audience.”
- Anne You, Faculty, NSCC Ivany

"We had Alison K present a number of seminars to our members about online marketing during the pandemic. Her content is accessible and actionable, with fruitful Q&A sessions. We appreciate Alison's energy and ability to tailor the presentations to the audience."
- Nick Fry, Manager Business Development, Tourism Nova Scotia

"Alison K delivered seminars and webinars for both our own members and programming partners across the province. Her blend of humour, expertise and genuine enthusiasm really resonates with audiences. Her professionalism as a speaker has made it easy for us to plan events both in advance and short notice. We highly recommend Alison K!”
- Digital Nova Scotia

Other Appearances

SEO Brunch, Craft East Buyer's Expo, NetSquared Vancouver, Tourism Nova Scotia, Digital Nova Scotia, Ignite Labs, Digital Skills For Women, Atlantic Technology Summit, WordPress North East (UK), Boston, Web Unleashed, Truro & Colchester Chamber Of Commerce, Social Media Day Halifax, BlogJam Atlantic, WordCamp Montreal, Halifax, Ottawa

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