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"Website Wins" is a free guide with 22 tips to improve your website conversion. Featuring 22 experts' advice on copywriting, audience fit, design, user experience and good old fashion sales.

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Forget complicated frameworks. Use these 3 simple questions to guide your marketing goals and set you up for success!

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How to get marketing funding as a Canadian service-based business or startup

How to get marketing funding as a Canadian service-based business or startup can seem overwhelming. So I’ve created a list of grants and tips to help you grow!
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How To Convert Email Marketing Into Sales For Service-Based Businesses (With Examples)

How can you convert your email marketing when you don't sell something that’s easy to buy? Let’s discuss the "Wow > Nurture > Sell" method!
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How To Grow Your Email List As A Service-Based Business

Increase the visibility of your newsletter to grow your list as a service-based business. I cover everything from where to put a signup form on your website to how you can get other brands to promote your lead magnet.
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How To Tell Digital Marketing Is Working (Examples And Templates)

Seeing a clear line between your marketing efforts and results can be fuzzy. In this article, uncover how to set marketing goals, what good marketing results are, and how to measure them!
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How to Find Your Target Audience Online (on social media, Youtube, podcasts, and more)

Wondering how to find your target audience online? Let’s dive into a cool tool that can help you find them, no matter where they hang out.
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Why Customer Interviews Make The Best Personas For Rebranding

Create Better Marketing Personas with Client Interviews

Creating a marketing persona without interviewing clients leaves a lot of opportunities on the table. I explain why interviews make the best personas, with tips and examples!
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Featured on The Nonprofit MBA Podcast: SEO for Nonprofits – How to Get Free Advertising

With the help of SEO, nonprofit organizations can generate more traffic that can be converted into donors or volunteers. Check out this episode of The Nonprofit NBA Podcast where I talk with host Stephen Halasnik about how nonprofits can use SEO to get free advertising to be on the front foot.
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Banner graphic for the blog post: Banner image for Facebook that says: Google My Business Posts: The Missing Piece Of Successful Marketing Distribution

Google My Business Posts: The Missing Piece Of Successful Marketing Distribution

Let's dig into what you need to know about Google My Business posts, why you should be giving them a try and how they fit into a larger content distribution strategy.
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Earned Media + Content Distribution: Grow Awareness by Leveraging the Audiences of Others

Small audience? No problem! Find out how combining earned media and content distribution can grow awareness and conversions no matter what size your following, newsletter list or fan base.
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Header for the blog post 'Increase Brand Awareness Using SEO As A PR Tool' featuring microphones and megaphones.

Want to Increase Brand Awareness? Use SEO as a PR Tool!

SEO can be used as a PR tool! In this article I cover how they are similar, and 5 ways you can turn your existing content into amazing PR exposure... while increasing your ranking at the same time.
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Google Ads for Small Business: a primer

Using Google Ads for a small business can seem like a daunting marketing strategy. However, I have seen remarkable ROI this tool can give, in the hands of the right person. So I interviewed Matt Whalen for a mini primer for those of you who want to know if Google Ads is right for you.
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Keywords vs Hashtags vs Tags vs Categories: What Matters for SEO

Keywords, hashtags, tags and categories are some of the most powerful tools you can use to get your content noticed online. But do they matter in terms of SEO? How do you get in front of your audience beyond social media or paid advertising? I'll break it all down, with examples!
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A purple banner with silhouettes of trees and the imprint of a great yeti walking among them for a blog post about SEO myths

SEO Myths You Might Still Believe

Do you believe any of these 7 SEO myths? It's true that SEO is rather convoluted, but sometimes misinformation persists. Find out the truth about duplicate content, alt tags and more!
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Pink header with a number of different types of keys representing an article about where to find privacy policies

Where To Get a Privacy Policy Template for Your Canadian Website

Where do you get a privacy policy template if you have a Canadian Website? I recommend the templates from Online Legal Essentials instead of using a free generator. I also cover why you need a privacy policy and how to use it.
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repeat pattern of beavers, maple leaves and WordPress logos in white against an orange background

Why Websavers is the Best Canadian WordPress Hosting

You deserve the best WordPress hosting going. Let me tell you, there are a lot of friggin crappy hosts out there! This article has been designed around what I have experienced to be important factors in choosing a WordPress host and why that host is Websavers.
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Illustration of many kinds of city blocks in repeat pattern. To illustrate how to drive free traffic to a blog with SEO

How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Blog with SEO

Getting eyeballs on your amazing content is essential as a service-based business. But how do you do that when you’re running the whole show? SEO to the rescue!
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repeat pattern of illustrated eyes open and closed

How to Use UTM Parameters for Traffic Growth

How can you tell which tweet sent the most traffic? Are people doing anything with your freebies? How can you tell if people visited your site from Google My Business? Find out how to use UTMs to grow your traffic and track it more efficiently!
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Should You Get Monthly WordPress Maintenance? Hell Yes.

Monthly WordPress maintenance. The service many small business owners put off, only to regret later. I interviewed Allison Woad to tell you in her own words why it’s so important. And, you know, cut the jargon crap and just explain to us how it all works.
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