Google Analytics Cheat Sheet

Learn the key things you need to take off with Google Analytics!

Google Analytics Cheatsheet printout on table

This Google Analytics cheat sheet is perfect for business owners and non-profits new to tracking web traffic. It's been specially designed to focus on only what you need to know to get started. This 5-page PDF covers topics such as:

  • Google Analytics terminology and interface overview
  • The most important reports (surprise, you don't need to use them all!)
  • How to set up a Destination Goal (critical for ROI)
  • Housekeeping tips and tricks

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Alison K giving a talk on Google Analytics at Social Media Day Halifax conference
That's me in the yellow jacket giving a talk on Google Analytics at Social Media Day Halifax.

Meet your Google Analytics cheat sheet creator, Alison K

Hi! I believe you've got pure gold hidden in plain sight. Where? In your website traffic analytics. My cheat sheet is your shovel to start digging!

I'm a Canadian web consultant who runs SEO workshops and webinars internationally. For over 12 years I've been helping busy website owners understand who is coming to their site and why. Helping you hold up the measuring stick to your website efforts is what I'm all about.

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