Convert The Curious Course:

How To Write SEO Blog Posts That Attract Qualified Leads

Writing posts for SEO shouldn't be a joyless task. But it often feels like that, eh?

Writing for SEO is an excellent way for you to show 'cold' audiences you have solutions for their needs. Unlike social media, you only have to publish something once, then wait for that content to bring in organic traffic.

Or so they say.

But either you've written blog posts without much ROI, or you're thinking about writing them and worry it will be a waste of your time.

All this SEO stuff seems too stiff, too complex, too jargony. It's all about Google, and not about your customers or your business goals at all.


But what if I told you writing killer SEO blog posts isn't about pleasing the Google gods?

What if knowing who you serve and how to answer their needs was all it takes to rank your posts and convert the curious into clients?

Imagine what quality SEO posts can accomplish for you...

Your newsletter list growing with people excited to learn more about your expertise. And not unsubscribing after they got that freebie.

Getting DMs that say "I read your blog post and it felt like you KNEW what I needed. Can we chat about your offers?"

Your inbox full of contact form submissions from quality leads instead of spam.

Your Calendly booked solid with serious enquiries instead of tire-kickers.

Brands and publications emailing you "We found your article on Google..." asking for an interview or audience-building opportunity.

Introducing "Convert The Curious Course": how to write SEO blog posts that attract quality leads.


"Convert The Curious" is a hands-on video course that shows website owners, virtual assistants, and copywriters how to write human-centric blogs that both Google and qualified leads want.

In this course, I show you writing for SEO can be both accessible and fun by taking you through:

Brainstorming the perfect topic your ideal audience will love

Simple keyword research and other nifty SEO tricks

Crafting a blog post that feels natural and easy to write

Clarifying your messaging to attract better-fit prospects (we can always use a refresher on this)

With easy-to-use prompts and outlines to streamline your writing process

Convert The Curious Course

$137 $97 CDN

  • 3 Modules containing 11 lessons
  • 6 Videos
  • Simple SEO Checklist
  • SEO Blog Post Outline
  • Brainstorm Prompt Guide
  • Google Search Console Crash Course
  • Building Backlinks Crash Course
  • Lifetime Access

Will you fall asleep in this course? Nope.

While I can't offer up testimonials for this course (because it's in Beta!) I can share how audiences feel when they get a dose of my teaching from my other workshops and webinars:

“Alison K connected the dots so now I understand SEO much better than I did, especially for writing on my blog. Now I have context for all the disconnected bits about SEO I've been reading over the years!”
- Linda

"Alison delivered one of the most entertaining and informative webinars to our group of small independent business owners that I've ever attended! Full of effective and doable, digital marketing tips without the jargon and overwhelm. Super accessible with so many actionable takeaways for small business owners. Highly recommend!”
- Melanie Little, vLife CEO & Co-founder

"Member satisfaction and engagement is everything for us. The avalanche of ❤️heart❤️ and 🤯exploding head🤯 emojis in the chat during Alison K’s workshop says it all. She shares our passion for raising nonprofit's web skills. Her energy and expertise were just what we needed to kick off a new year of sessions! "
- Elijah van der Giessen, co-host of NetSquared Vancouver.

“We’ve had Alison K deliver webinars for both our own members and programming partners across the province. Her blend of humour, expertise and genuine enthusiasm really resonates with audiences. We highly recommend Alison K!”
- Digital Nova Scotia

"Alison always brings a fresh, honest perspective to her work. She's attentive to her workshop attendees and is so great at bringing concepts to ground level. Recommend!"
- Erin Trafford


“Got a lot out of today's SEO workshop. It was an effective use because I walked away with a few concrete steps I can easily take myself to improve my website's visibility on Google.”
- Dianna Rievaj, Highlander Law Group

“Alison K is able to explain SEO in a way that actually makes sense and gives great resource materials so that you can take actionable steps right away.”
- Corinne Boudreau

“Very informative workshop! I came away with some great takeaways that I can immediately put to action and/or will in the future :)”
- Katie

Headshot of Alison K wearing a multicoloured and pattenered blouse. She is outside with the forest behind her.

Hi! I’m Alison K (Knott), and I believe more people on Google need to know about the awesome things you offer.

As a SEO consultant and educator, I've helped 100's of website owners and their teams turn ho-hum content into quality prospect magnets:

  • An online training company increased sales by 400% by re-focusing their writing to target niche decision-makers instead of the general public.
  • A business coach made their first $2,000 in organic sales after only tweaking a few key messaging points.
  • Countless small businesses, non-profits and social enterprises have reworked existing content quickly and easily to fill their sales funnels with higher quality leads.

From international stages to tiny non-profit boardrooms, I've been helping soloprenures and small teams with their websites since 2012. After years of giving live webinars, clients began clamoring for "Pocket-sized Alison K". This course is my first on-demand offering, and I am honoured to share it with you.

Course Outline & Bonuses

We're beyond "keywords" these days, 'darlin. In this course intro, I'll break down why "search intent" is the key to ranking your content and coverting readers.

Starting from the end result (conversion) we'll work through the needs of your ideal audience and how you can position your blog posts to be exactly what they want to read. Without even writing a post outline!

We'll take a break from your content to learn the basics of how to format content that can be enjoyed by both bots and humans. Don't worry, this won't be a coding session. If you ever had to write a paper in school, this is gonna be hella familiar to you.

Learn a simple "keyword research" method that makes you look like an SEO rockstar. Plus, common blog writing mistakes to avoid.

Ah yes, it all comes down to this. I'll lead you through the exact outline I use for my own content, with tips to make your blog post sing!

Ever done an online course and wished you could ask the creator for important feedback on your progress? Now you can! I offer students a special rate to have me review their content in a video, along with helpful notes.

How do you monitor results of your hard SEO work? With Google Search Console! This bonus lesson quickly covers what it is, why it matters to you and the most important parts of it to look at.

Discover why backlinks are important, and how you can start building them for the blog post you just published.

This is risk-free, because I want you to be successful.

I get it, not all online courses are created equal. Some hit the spot, while others fall flat.

While I hope this course helps you write better SEO blog posts, I understand if that doesn't turn out to be the case.

If so, I offer a 14-day refund. Simply email me within 14 days of your purchase and I'll be quick-as-a-bunny to reverse the charge. No hard feelings. I appreciate you taking the time to try out this brand new course, warts and all!

Ok Alison, this all sounds great BUT...

I'm not sure I have enough time for this course...

Of course; you are busy running your biz. I've taken into account the realities of managing everything else in your life on top of training. So this course covers only the essentials you need to write amazing blog posts.

I recommend doing one lesson a week to work towards your first awesome blog post, but you can pace yourself however you wish.

I don't know much about SEO...

Gosh don't let that hold you back! What's important is that you know who your ideal client/customer is, and how you help them. It's my job to teach you the SEO fiddly bits. If you can perform a Google search and know how to publish your blog posts, you're all set.

I'm not sure if this course is for me...

I've put TLC into the course to make sure it resonates the most with:

  • Website owners who are leery of all this 'SEO stuff' and want to write blog posts that align with their messaging and existing customer relationships.
  • Bloggers and content creators who are struggling to write compelling content that inspires readers into action. Especially when the topics don't seem 'SEO friendly'.
  • Copywriters, web designers and virtual assistants curious about adding SEO to their set of skills but are terrified of the 'techy bits'.

Do you offer a payment plan?

You bet! You can pay $56.00 now, and be billed another $56.00 a month later.


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