Fall Back In Love With Your Newsletter

A workshop quirkshop for service-based brands whose email marketing needs TLC!

Wednesday, November 22
$50+tax :: 3-4pm Pacific / 7-8pm Atlantic

Yes, you CAN love your newsletter...and the process behind it!

"Fall Back In Love With Your Newsletter" is a 1 hour workshop quirkshop designed to rekindle your relationship with your newsletter.

If you've felt stuck, bored, uninspired or unsure about your list these days, you need this puppy.

There will be laughs. There will be prizes. There will NOT be any of the usual boring things you've come to expect from a Zoom event.

"The big thing I got out of [the] quirkshop was a commitment to consistency and the confidence that came out of that. I knew I wanted to send out a monthly email at minimum and fixed my timing during your session and have stuck to it. Now I have my emails drafted by a certain date even if I choose to send it out at a different time. I'm already feeling more confident a couple of months out and excited to play around with that a little!"

Ruha Ratnam, the Designist Studio

"Alison’s seminars are always super dynamic and incredibly engaging. I will take any course she’s teaching because she makes it fun, and I always walk away having learned so much! This quirkshop on newsletters is a prime example—fun, engaging, and informative. I mean really, how much fun can *newsletters* be?! Take this and find out—you'll be pleasantly surprised!"

Sarah Delaney, Retail Consultant

"One of the most fun workshops I've ever been to! Really helped take the pressure off myself about email marketing."

Amy Harrison, Pixels & Pieces

"Alison K was brisk and entertaining and generous with her expert knowledge!"


Enjoy a series of interactive and creative exercises that will help reconnect with the purpose behind your email marketing. All you need is a piece of paper, your favourite writing implement, and a willingness to have fun.

Fun at a marketing workshop? Hell yeah! When the 60 minutes are up, you'll leave with:

  • Renewed appreciation for what you've accomplished so far.
  • Confidence in what to create next.
  • Recording of the session for nostalgic reasons.
  • Some extra goodies to help continue rockin' email marketing.

Wait, there's prizes?

Yep! As if falling back in love with your newsletter wasn't enough, there's even MORE goodness to go around:

  • One attendee will win back the cost of their ticket.
  • Another will win a delightful treat.
  • And one lucky ducky will win a free $500 advisory call with Alison K.

"Alison K gave us super simple steps that I know will improve my newsletter and its impact for my followers. And it was one of the most interactive, fun workshops I've attended!"

Kim Jacob, President & Founder, Arvorei Communications Group

Ok, sounds interesting. Who is this "quirkshop" for?

Founders, business owners, and communication folk willing to find excitement again about having a newsletter. This will be especially effective if your brand is service-based or social impact-based. Get in on the fun if:

  • You started a newsletter but lost steam and haven't sent anything in a while. Or an embarrassing long time.
  • You ARE sending a newsletter regularly, but it feels like a friggin chore now.
  • You send a newsletter regularly and it doesn't feel like a chore, buuuuut you're curious on how you might squeeze more juice out of the whole experience.

But will this apply to -my- newsletter?

If you are sending something out to an 'email list' periodically, then that's considered a newsletter for the purpose of this event. Everyone's audience and business goals are different, and the beauty of email marketing is how flexible it is:

  • Daily short messages of encouragement.
  • Weekly roundup of helpful tips or industry news.
  • Bi-monthly updates of what's happening in your business and selling stuff.
  • Monthly stories to inspire your audience.
  • Any mix of the above, or something else!

How long or short doesn't matter. How often you send doesn't matter. Heck, what you've been putting in it doesn't matter.

This quirkshop is for you if you have a newsletter (active or not) and you want a new appreciation for what it can do for your goals.

Who isn’t a good fit for this quirkshop?

Simple. People who don't have a newsletter. I can't help you fall back in love with something you haven't met yet 😉

Also, fuddy-duddies should skip this session. We're gonna dig into purpose and creativity, not tactics. If you're adverse to creative excerises and learning from other participants, this won't be your jam. I won't make you sing in front of strangers on Zoom or anything, but having an open mind is important.

If you were expecting "How To Do Email Marketing 101", Skillshare or LinkedIn training would be better for ya. While you're bound to learn a thing or two during the session, it's not your typical "educational business webinar".

Alison K balancing on a chair with one leg in the air.

Who’s facilitating this, anyway?

Allo! My name is Alison K (Knott), and I’m known as everyone’s favourite hyperactive marketing nerd. I’m a Halifax-based consultant, instructor, and international public speaker. Since 2012, I’ve been helping founders and business owners “convert the curious into clients.”

How do I do that? By blending my expertise in email marketing, SEO, sales, design and code into high-octane training.

Am I a "unicorn"? Nah – I’m a sorceress that rides unicorns, darlin. Heavy metal plays in the background while I help you rekindle a healthy and sustainable relationship between your goals and your marketing.

If this all sounds silly to you… but you’re actually kinda excited… this is -exactly- the workshop I MEAN QUIRKSHOP you need to be in.

Praise for other newsletter-related work by Alison K

"When we started working with Alison, we were struggling with how to manage a transition of our email marketing system with some upgrades and improvements. Alison helped us to tease apart the questions we needed to spend time with, and helped to answer those questions as well. We so appreciate Alison's upbeat and friendly personality!"

Diane Connors, Director of Communications, IONS

"An email list is one of the most precious growth assets a small business can own. Listening to what Alison K has to say about getting people -onto- that list is a wise investment of anyone's time."

Linda Daley, Daley Progress

"I attend so many of Alison's workshops and trainings because she really knows her stuff. 'Lead Magnet Magic Workshop' helped me rethink my lead magnets and gave me lots of great tips for getting them in front of more eyeballs and to nurture the new leads that come in."

Corinne Boudreau, Online Legal Essentials

"I felt like I was producing lead magnets very ad-hoc with no clear plan. I'm so glad I worked with Alison K to tidy them up. Now my ConvertKit is optimized for success, and the way she got me thinking about welcome sequences has been a game changer."

Shauna Cole, Founder of HireDiverse.ca

Other info

Tickets for under-represented founders and business owners

8 tickets are available for people from under-represented groups including, but not limited to, individuals with a disability, Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC), First Nation, women, and LGBTQ2S+ people.

These tickets are available by entering the coupon code “AlloDarlin”. You don’t need to explain or meet any specific criteria - I'm simply elated to have you attend. The coupon code is located at the bottom of the checkout form.

What is your refund policy?

Full refund 7 days before the event. If something comes up closer to the workshop, please email me and we'll work something out. No refunds 3 days before the event, as you'll still get the recording and all the goodies.

Don't dilly-dally, Darlin. Fall back in love with your newsletter now to achieve great things!