Lead Magnet Magic Workshop

Turn your underperforming lead magnet into the MVP it was meant to be.

Lead magnet, opt in, freebie, downloadable.

No matter what you call it, giving your audience something free in exchange for their email is a great way to capture leads. It also shows off your expertise 24/7, acting as your brand ambassador while you're busy building your biz.

So of COURSE you went ahead and created a great lead magnet! You may also have crafted a welcome sequence to nurture subscribers a bit more.

But what do you do when your lead magnet… doesn’t seem to have much attraction power?

If you haven’t seen the results you hoped for, should you just abandon your hard work and move on?

Hell no! Your opt-in just needs some thoughtful, purposeful TLC. And a little bit of marketing magic.

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"I attend so many of Alison's workshops and trainings because she really knows her stuff. This workshop helped me rethink my lead magnets and gave me lots of great tips for getting them in front of more eyeballs and to nurture the new leads that come in."

Corinne Boudreau, Online Legal Essentials

"After this session I couldn't write things down on paper fast enough! Alison fills in the gap between lead magnets and sales with a clear and concise action plan. If you want a clear blueprint to sales, take this workshop!"

Amy Harrison, Pixels & Pieces

The problem is probably with the lead magnet’s design or landing page copy, right?

Rarely. I’ll wager your lead magnet is exactly what your audience wants and needs. And that it’s fine just the way it is. Truly!

In my experience as a lead generation consultant, the most common reason a lead magnet doesn’t do well isn’t because of the lead magnet itself. It has more to do with the “strategy” behind it. Which looks something like this:

The bottom line is that a lead magnet needs 3 things to be successful, beyond the content itself:

  1. Lots of opportunity to be seen.
  2. Delivering on what it promises.
  3. Transitioning from the free bit to your real business goals in an intentional and natural way.

Publishing does not guarantee sign ups. Seems simple enough, yet many business owners find it hard to keep momentum once they launch:

  • “I don’t know how to promote it besides posting the link to the landing page.”
  • “I spent so much time on creating the dang thing, I have nothing left to say on the subject.”
  • “I don’t know how to segue from my lead magnet into my main services or offers.”
  • “Beyond ‘increase subscribers’, I’m not really sure what this is supposed to do for my business.”


All of this is perfectly normal. And also, surprisingly easy to overcome! I’m here to say that if you believe your lead magnet has the potential to resonate with your ideal audience, I invite you to join the Lead Magnet Magic Workshop.

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"Great workshop! I understood the value of building my list, but wasn't entirely sure where lead magnets fit in with my business specifically. Alison has opened up a world of possibilities that I can connect to my goals in a way that feels doable to me. That's really valuable when you're the only one running your business!"

Liz Mac, Roodledoo


Register for the Lead Magnet Magic Workshop!

Date: Winter 2024 dates TBD - join waitlist

Time: 1.5 hours

Price: $249+hst

Maximum 5 people per session

This turbo-charged strategy session looks at multiple aspects of your lead magnet – how people find it, how to convince them to sign up, and what happens after they do.

But it’s not a glorified lecture. Or a generic “let’s all do this together” exercise.

Lead Magnet Magic is an intimate workshop specially designed to keep you engaged and improve how you market your freebie in a sustainable way.

By the time you’re done, you’ll know exactly:

  • What you need to communicate the true value of your lead magnet
  • How to promote it across different marketing channels
  • How to measure results in a simple but effective way aligned with your goals

Lead Magnet Magic
is the fun intersection of marketing, creative thinking, and sales you've been looking for to magnetize your opt-in. It’s like having a think tank, brainstorming session and marketing huddle all in one! If anything else, this workshop will help you ditch procrastination or perfectionist tendencies holding your lead magnet back.

Workshop price includes:

  • Questionnaire to help me guide you the most effectively I can
  • 1.5 hour online workshop with up to 4 other participants
  • Workbook to help with everything from promotion ideas to tagging contacts
  • Recording of the Zoom session
  • A special, tasty gift after the workshop

Optional additional support:

You can purchase an additional private session on Zoom. This 60 minutes follow-up is an excellent way to address specific things you identified in the workshop you want assistance with. The extra session is $149+hst, and you can add it at check out.

Shauna Cole

"I felt like I was producing lead magnets very ad-hoc with no clear plan. I'm so glad I worked with Alison K to tidy them up. Now my ConvertKit is optimized for success, and the way she got me thinking about welcome sequences has been a game changer."

Shauna Cole, Founder of HireDiverse.ca

Linda_ Daley_website_conversion_guide

"An email list is one of the most precious growth assets a small business can own. Listening to what Alison K has to say about getting people -onto- that list is a wise investment of anyone's time."

Linda Daley, Daley Progress

Who is Lead Magnet Magic for?

This workshop is for small business owners and freelancers who make money selling their expertise or services. Lead Magnet Magic might be for you if you would like to:

  • Grow your business via your email list
  • Build trust with your potential clients
  • Create a simple, repeatable process to make any lead magnet you create more powerful
  • Use your lead magnet as a ‘spring board’ for other content creation so you can show up more regularly online

Who isn’t a good fit for the Workshop?

As Lead Magnet Magic is specifically about boosting an existing opt-in, this workshop won’t work for you if:

  • You only want feedback on the design of your lead magnet or landing page
  • You don’t want to adjust how you currently promote your lead magnet
  • You don’t want to discuss your marketing strengths and weakness with others
Alison Knott smiling while her hair sways in the breeze. She is outside wearing a bright multipatterned blouse.

Who’s facilitating this, anyway?

Allo! My name is Alison K (Knott), and I’m known as everyone’s favourite hyperactive marketing nerd. I’m a Halifax-based web consultant, instructor, and international public speaker. Since 2012, I’ve been helping small business owners and non-profits “convert the curious into clients.”

How do I do that? By blending my expertise in email marketing, SEO, sales, design and code into high-octane training.

Am I a "unicorn"? Nah – I’m a sorceress that rides unicorns, darlin. Heavy metal plays in the background while I help you level up your lead generation game.

If this all sounds silly to you… but you’re actually kinda excited… this is -exactly- the workshop you need to be in.

Headshot of Barry Braun

"Alison K takes a nugget of an idea and runs with it and makes it into pure gold. Alison has helped us develop two great processes, a lead magnet, and related blog posts. These help attract a very specific kind of community change maker. Using Alison’s guidance, creating awareness through email marketing is approachable,  ethical and most important, gets results."

Barry Braun, Founder of Happy Community Project


Nope, and that’s not the point of this workshop. My goal is to strengthen your lead magnet’s purpose with a plan so you’re set up for success. We will not be able to apply what we discover together during the session. But with the clarity you get, you’ll find making changes will come a more easily and quickly because of the session.

And, you can always choose to purchase the 1:1 session after you take the workshop and see what you need help with.

You’re probably being too hard on yourself. I’m sure it’s great! But, you can email me a link to your opt-in, along with a short overview of your ideal audience and goals. Then I can review and let you know if this is right for you.


As long as you have a strong idea what you want to offer, this workshop will still be valuable. We will cover what makes sequences effective and that is a huge learning opportunity to inspire you.

No minimum. No maximum. No judgement.

Hot damn, sure can! Email me if you'd like to have this workshop held for your company or organization.

Hey, life happens! If you need to withdraw, simply email me at least 48 hours before your session and I’ll give you a full refund. If you can’t make the session last minute, please let me know so I can try to give it to someone on a wait list. But if I cannot, we can always reserve your spot for a future session.

Awesome, happy to help! Please email me now at alison@alisonkconsulting.com

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I promise this is just to let you know when the workshop is available. You won't be added to any other email marketing stuff from me.