Alison K with box on her head that says "marketing stuf"

Keep up. Finish up. Level up.

Consulting and coaching for B2B marketing directors and founders. Make better decisions faster, prove your value and reclaim your time.

You are amazing. The marketing industry... not so much.

The marketing industry has created this impossible catch-22 for us B2B marketers: Deliver quick results to satisfy immediate business demands, while knowing effective strategies usually don't pay off short term.

This dilemma creates a cycle where long-term strategizing is perpetually deprioritized for short-term tactics. Potentially undermining a brand's overall health and future success.

This is why you look at all the stuff your team is doing and think “Why aren’t we seeing results?”

Sigh. So you keep chipping away at the Great Marketing Initiative List, when what you really want is to get to the juicer stuff. Your zone of genius stuff. The kind of work that lights you up, and turns you (and your team) into marketing rockstars.

Buuut right now you gotta deal with never ending task chaos.

I predict that unless we cut the chaos and see projects through, we will never prove our work's impact. We gotta rein it in, stay strategic and see things across the finish line, dammit, or people will keep claiming marketing “doesn’t work.”

Of course, I know you're not the cause of this chaos. But it falls on you to deal with it. And maybe you're starting to sink under the weight of it all...

Let me pull you out of the muck onto solid ground.

You + me = new dream team getting results.

I support brilliant marketers as their partner, sidekick, coach, and back-up. So you can measure results, prove value, and move on to juicier projects. How?

  • By quickly and clearly sorting through your marketing must-haves. We review your objectives, take stock of your sitch, and solidify a plan to reap rewards in a viable, doable, tangible manner.
  • By multiplying your brain power. You can’t be an expert in everything marketing; I can bridge gaps, especially in the data, tech, and creative areas. Hell of a venn diagram, eh?
  • By being your cheerleader. I focus on your strengths and goals, in tandem with that of your team and brand. I'm also a safe place to celebrate small wins, troubleshoot issues, and vent about what's driving you bananas.
  • By telling you like it is. I'm here to help you improve results. Which means challenging what you do now, and holding you accountable in what happens next. I'm here to empower, not placate.
  • By teaching, not preaching. I'm not a consultant that leaves you with a pile of things to do and no way to do them. Apply new things with the added bonus of my "checking and tweaking" for faster results. I'll also roll up my sleeves and help when you need it most.

My clients have been able to…

  • Save thousands on the costs of tech and implementation by finishing projects languishing at the "almost done stage".
  • Reach Strategic Plan KPIs in weeks instead of quarters without having to reinvent the wheel.
  • Tweak (not overhaul) key areas of their website to engage more prospects and kickstart more conversion.
  • Leverage existing content to fast-track brand awareness and audience growth through earned media.
  • Bridge the gap between plans and actions and refocus on their business goals instead of "tactical output".
Meredith Hand

“Invaluable to our marketing and communications team”

Alison is one in a billion. Her brain works in such a way that she is able to process information and solve problems at light speed. She has been invaluable to our marketing and communications team. Her expertise in navigating the technical aspects of marketing, from website management to email marketing, has made our firm more efficient.

Beyond her technical skills, Alison brings a strategic mindset, nuanced understanding, and boundless energy to our weekly team meetings. Alison's guidance reduced the time spent making decisions, allowing us to focus on executing our plans more efficiently.”

- Meredith Hand, Director, Marketing & Communications
Global Philanthropic Inc. (Canada)

Headshot of Diane Connors

“Helped to tease out (and answer) questions”

We were struggling with how to manage a transition of our email marketing system with some upgrades and improvements. Alison helped us to tease apart the questions we needed to spend time with, and she helped us to answer those questions as well.

We so appreciate Alison's upbeat and friendly personality, which is a huge asset when working through something that can feel as frustrating and challenging as tech and digital marketing work!

- Diane Connors, Director of Communications
Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia

Headshot of Shauna Cole of HireDiverse

“Our calls are the highlight of my week”

I thought my challenge was SEO but Alison highlighted other key
opportunities and important areas of focus for my business, like my email list. Instead of moving straight to tactics, she aligned all of our work to help me achieve a bigger marketing vision. Our calls are the highlight of my week. I feel supported to make bigger impactful decisions, knowing Alison is there to help me action them.

- Shauna Cole,

Consoul App team

“Simplify complex strategies”

The biggest takeaway from our time together was Alison's ability to simplify complex strategies and guide us in creating a plan we feel confident in executing. I had numerous 'Aha!' moments, but the one that resonated most was her advice that even if you have just 20 minutes a day, engaging with your social network's content can help build your communities. Additionally, she generously provided practical tips on updating our website and leveraging our personal brands to create genuine connections.

- Co-founders Cindy, Stefanie, and Fabio,
Consoul App

Alison K balancing on a chair with one leg in the air.

Allo! I’m Alison Knott (your B2B marketing BFF)

I've spend the last 14+ years helping marketing leaders (and founders wearing all the hats) take existing marketing efforts and turn them into simpler systems they love.

This is due to a wonderful B2B career that started in designing newspaper ads (remember those?). Then evolved into rebranding companies and redesigning websites. 40 brands and 300+ website projects later, clients were bringing me in on strategic meetings that tied in other marketing channels. Now, I pinch myself that I'm a marketing consultant for brands putting good into the world.

But! I guarantee not to be that condescending consultant that wastes your resources with generic answers useless for B2B needs.

You're wicked-talented with instincts on where you want to go next. What you want is support is getting there. While navigating the pressure of delivering ROI in an ever-changing industry.

Want a professional 1+ who will make you more valuable to the C-Suite or board?

Trusted By & Featured In

The Forum E-Series Program Facilitator (Email Marketing)

Grow Now Virtual Incubator Facilitator (Digital Marketing)

Get projects and big ideas across the finish line 3x's faster than you would alone.

My approach is a blend of consulting (strategizing and planning), coaching (growth and accountability) and training (showing you or team how to do it). Expect all 3 at any given time. And laughter pretty much always.

Weekly Advisory Retainer

Your personal marketing think tank.

Each week, we dive into a focused, one-hour session tailored to current challenges and goals. Hash out ideas, refine strategies, and get real-time feedback from someone who gets it. And for those times when you're stuck between sessions? Priority email support keeps the conversation (and your projects) moving forward. It's more than advice; it's tangible momentum that gets results in weeks, not quarters.

Marketing Coaching Calls

Dazzle everyone at the next team meeting.

Explore, strategize, or refine a specific marketing issue keeping you up at night. You'll get a questionnaire to lay the groundwork ahead of our session. In 60 minutes, we'll unstick where you're stuck. Capturing breakthroughs, decisions, and next steps in a document you'll be excited about.

Marketing Project Sprint

Go from "dangit" to "done".

Knock off an important "this is taking forever" item off your to-do list in one concentrated day. Includes follow-up support within the week. It's the perfect solution for those seeking a blend of expert guidance, actionable strategies, and rapid implementation.

Marketing Strategy Roadmap

Dive deep, emerge strategic: a bespoke blueprint for marketing success

Make decisions faster by letting me do the heavy lifting. I’ll use my marketing-, data-, and design-informed brain to look at specific marketing channels to identify gaps and opportunities. We’ll consider what you've been putting out publicly, “behind the scenes” with your goals and funnels, and what your competitors are up to. Includes:

  • Questionnaire and kickoff meeting to dive deeper into your needs.
  • Me digging deep into your choice of: SEO, email marketing, website, and social media accounts.
  • Strategic Roadmap outlining findings, gaps, opportunities and recommended next steps. Warning: this thing is juicy!
  • Strategy session to discuss results and help you prioritize what to do next.
Headshot of Deborah King, founder of Global Measure

"The missing puzzle piece I needed to approach marketing in an ethical way."

From the first time I spoke with Alison, I knew I wanted to work with her. Not only is she charismatic, warm and approachable, but she is the most knowledgeable person I've met when it comes to SEO or marketing.

She was the missing puzzle piece I needed to figure out how to even approach marketing in an ethical way that aligns with my business goals. She also provided me with such incredible insights into ways I could differentiate myself from my competitors and showcase my values.

Every conversation I have with Alison feels like an "aha moment" - the amount of value I've gotten from just knowing her is invaluable!

- Deborah King,
Founder, Global Measure

Headshot of Sheryl Staite-Bryson

"I came to Alison looking for ways to increase leads to my website using my podcast content."

Although I was posting on social media, I didn’t have enough direction and I was doing the same things over and over again with frustrating results. Frankly, it felt like I was dumping into a black hole.

What I needed was a plan that aligned with my desire for conversation, offered what my audience wants to see and was manageable with my busy schedule as a business owner and mom. That’s where Alison came in.

In my sessions with her, we focused on audience research and reusing existing content. Now I can deliver regular content with less pressure to come up with everything myself. After my sessions with Alison, I had new insights into the world of online marketing and concrete direction on my next steps. Having a clear direction on my path forward has been so valuable.

If you feel like you've been spinning your marketing wheels, work with Alison K. She'll have new treads on those tires in no time. I now have renewed energy to market my business and a much better understanding of how to do it beyond "post on socials."

- Sheryl Murphy,
Owner, Healthy Mom After Divorce

Headshot of Jennifer Bosch Gyuricska

“Personally actionable”

I won a one-on-one session with Alison while attending her workshop on email marketing, which was so helpful and insightful in itself. During our meeting, I felt that Alison was truly interested in my personal and business growth, and she asked helpful, insightful questions to help direct me. Plus, she included a follow-up after my event to see how things went and what she could help me with moving forward.

In this digital world of AI and templated tactics, I felt that Alison's advice and direction were personally actionable and the advice tailored to my business needs. I strongly recommend working with Alison and look forward to doing so again in the future!

- Jennifer Bosch Gyuricska
Prairie Telegraph Digital Marketing

Dagmar Meachem

“Clear website marketing strategy”

One of the biggest things Alison helped me with was creating clarity on my target market and speaking more directly to them. AND, being more authentic and letting 'Dagmar' shine through on the pages more. Alison provided a comprehensive report of my website beyond what I could have imagined. I have a clear website marketing strategy to engage my target market and drive my revenue.

- Dagmar Meachem, Business & Leadership Coach
Courage Space Coaching + Consulting

Caroyln Crewe

“Made email marketing manageable”

Alison clearly knows what she's doing, especially when it comes to email newsletters. She took what felt like an overwhelming problem, starting an email newsletter from scratch, and gave me clarity on how to know if it made sense as a tool to help me achieve my business goals, broke things down into manageable steps to get the ball rolling, made great recommendations about tools to research and best practices, and was just so easy to talk to. Money well spent!

- Carolyn Crewe, CEO
Best Kind Consulting

headshot of Martine Chiasson

“Ready for growth”

Working with Alison was a DREAM. I reached out when I was completely overwhelmed at the thought of tackling the behind the scenes of my business. I was at a crossroads of stepping into growth. Her guidance and knowledge helped me feel grounded. I’m now confident in moving forward with effective marketing systems in place… with room to scale!

~ Martine Chiasson, kinesiologist, pre/post-natal fitness coach
The Mama Movement

Areas of marketing expertise

My strengths revolve around a trifecta of creativity in thought, precision in planning, and comfort with the technical demands of our industry. I'm happy to elevate creative, tighten a headline, or read geeky documentation. Think of me as your strategic co-pilot that helps you lead your crew.

  • Audience Research/Attraction: decode what resonates to create stickier content faster.
  • Email Marketing: newsletters, drip sequences, opt ins, platform migrations.
  • Operations: organize internal goings-on to save time and headaches.
  • Reporting & Data Analysis: what gets measured gets managed 😉
  • SEO: blogging, best practices, competitive research, and outreach.
  • Social Media (especially LinkedIn): how to make it fit into your marketing, not be the center of it.
  • Strategy: filling the funnel, creating depth, ditching what doesn't serve you anymore.
  • Website Conversion: opportunities and gaps in your messaging, UI/UX, and site functionality.
Heashot of Ashley Pettipas

“I can drill down deeper”

Alison K connected the dots on how we share content to our target audience and measure results. Her consulting really helped simplify our messaging with stronger clarity, both through our website and social media. Her ability to field any technical or mundane questions I had in an encouraging manner helped me drill down deeper into how it all works.

- Ashley Pettipas, Operations & Digital Media Coordinator,
Festival Antigonish Summer Festival and Theatre Antigonish

Headshot of Barry Braun

"Puts your website to work for you"

We are a tiny team with a big heart and a big goal. Alison makes us look like we are a big team with a big heart and a big goal. She understood our 'uncommon' purpose and worked with us to simplify our messaging on our site and newsletters. She's educated our interns and volunteers on a variety of things that helps tell our story and attract the people we need to succeed in our goals. Alison knows her stuff; she has a bright spirit and incredible talent and intuition on how to put your web site to work for you.

- Barry Braun, Founder of The Happy Community Project

A trusted partner by your side is a game changer

The say two heads is better than one, eh? With the right strategy and support behind your work...

You finish that thing that's been stuck at 60% for like, foreeeeeever . Now your time and talents are freed up for the more exciting work you really want to sink your teeth into.

You prove your value. Working with another expert that compliments your skills allows you to ditch indecision, fill gaps, and get results faster than doing it alone.

You get bigger budgets. Now that C-Suite, investors, or co-founders see impact, asking for "more" becomes an easy "yes" on their part.

You level-up your own bad-ass skills. Boost professional growth, enhance job satisfaction, and make yourself more marketable in the future.

Satisfy other curiosities you might have with this FAQ 😉

Sure can! If you don't see it here, book a consult anyway. I've probably dealt with it, just I can't fit it all in this widdle box!

Audience Research: 1:1 interviews, how to pitch, improving engagement.

Email marketing: migrating platforms, improving engagement, tweaking opt ins, growing lists.

Social Media: using LinkedIn for thought leadership, content management, improving engagement, pitching.

Strategy, Reporting, Operations: preparing for new team members, creating systems, effective reporting, reducing workload and costs.

SEO: getting started, improving conversion, blogging, building authority.

Website conversion: UI/UX audits, preparing for a rebrand, adding/fixing funnels.



Totally understand. That's why I offer a complimentary consult ahead of any paid session. Book a call to chat, and we'll figure out which option will get you the best results.

But do note: I aim to provide value even if we don't end up working together. So don't dilly dally on the free consult!

I 100% understand. For leadership hesitant about adding me to the mix, my free consult is a no-risk opportunity to discuss specific needs and potential impacts. I'm happy to provide an executive summary, and welcome any decision makers on the call.

I've priced my Coaching and Sprint sessions to be a low-risk/low investment way to get a quick win where you are still in the drivers seat, with added expert insight.

Do note: a short engagement with me is generally more economical than hiring an executive coach, outsourcing, or adding staff! Basically, I'm like a micro-fractional CMO.

I do for Weekly Advisory Retainership or Get 'Er Done Sprint (on an as-need basis).

Otherwise, my expertise lies in providing clear recommendations and then setting you/your team up with the knowledge, tools, and skills you need to truly own your marketing and find long-term success. Without worrying that you’re going to break everything.

I also have a network of trusted partners we can also access to get the job done!

Wanna get nerdy? Here's what I have experience in, but I'm very comfortable with mar/com tech, so I can probably navigate whatever you're working with.

Email Marketing: ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and Mailchimp.


CMS: I am a WordPress wizard, but also work comfortably with SquareSpace and Wix.

CRM: Dubsado, Hubspot, Zoho

Data: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Looker Studio

Project Management: Trello, Notion, Airtable, Asana

SaaS: Canva, Adobe, Affinity, Microsoft Office, GSuite

A Call is a great option to start with if you're the only one in your company. This is because I want to make sure what I advise is sustainable for one person. I want you to succeed, not get even more overwhelmed!

Additionally, you will see best results if you've been in business at least 3 years, or your new business/startup is in a field you have a lot of experience with. My offerings are not idea for "brand new" brands who are not sure who their audience or offerings are.

The larger packages are best suited for brands that have a team (i.e. 2+ people) available implement my recommendations.

Not sure if that’s you? Examples of clients I’ve worked with in the past include:

  • Coaches, consultants, or service providers who operate as individuals but are supported by a virtual assistant
  • Impact-based companies and startups with a small marketing or comms team (2+ employees that wear many hats)
  • Nonprofits and social enterprises that have 2+ employees, a rotation of interns, or short-term contractors

Indeed I do! I even offer a special non-profit rate to help maximize your budget.

Yes. And I left it like that just for you to notice. Easter egg!

Ready to get shit done?

I can’t wait to help. Schedule a free consult with me today, and get immediate clarity on how to make your marketing more rewarding for you, your team, and (oh yeah!) your audience.