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Your business has evolved. Isn’t it time to take your brand along for the ride?

Rebranding consulting for businesses that are ready for more.

Get the professional insights you need to flawlessly execute your rebrand and truly WOW your audience with the next iteration of your brand.

Your brand is so much more than just a logo

You’ve been in business for a while, so I’m sure this statement isn’t news to you.

You’ve seen firsthand how branding encompasses every single touchpoint your audience has with your business, bridging the worlds of marketing, messaging, and graphic design. And now that you’ve stepped into that next level of growth in your business, you know your brand is due for a refresh.

But while all of those free rebranding checklists you’ve downloaded did a great job at kick-starting some big ideas, they didn’t give you much direction on how to properly execute a rebrand.

“A brand is a shorthand for the customer's expectations. What do they expect when they buy from you, meet with you or hire you? That promise is your brand.”
— Seth Godin

You have questions. And I have answers.

Rebranding is such an important milestone for your business, and I know that you’re likely feeling a lot of pressure not to mess this up.

You have questions that go deeper than just aesthetics. You want to make sure that any changes you make don’t alienate the audience you’ve worked so hard to build, and it can be overwhelming to decide which aspects of your business (including which clients) should make that transition with you.

That’s where rebrand consulting comes in.

This is far more than just a redesign project. Together, we’ll create an action plan that answers all of those overwhelming questions — before we even look at your logo, fonts, or color palette.

“Our final brand hits all the touchpoints we required”

As a conference committee, we were able to follow Alison K's process and milestones easily. The concepts delivered showed that she listened carefully not only to our desires but what we didn't want - and that's important! We are delighted with our final brand, as it hits all the touchpoints we required. Alison is very attentive to the unique needs of event organizers, and we highly recommend her and her work.

- Denyse Rodrigues, WILU 2020 Conference Committee

Headshot of Alison K wearing a multicoloured and pattenered blouse. She is outside with the forest behind her.

Hi! I’m Alison Knott (your rebranding sidekick)

You're the expert in your niche with a pivot coming on the horizon. My job is to make that transition as easy and impactful as possible. Hell, we might even have fun doing it!

I began my career in print design, but, ever curious and unstoppable, I found myself taking on marketing tasks for clients as well. Today, I help SMBs and NPOs rework their brands into their stellar next-iterations.

My approach is not that of a typical designer. Or marketer. Since I walk both worlds. I ask questions that relate to your business goals and your target clientele. If I don’t deeply understand what you’re trying to do, no amount of flashy design or trendy templates will bring you results. Building brand and web solutions that bring in more sales, traffic, and ROI is my forte. The fact they look great is a natural result (phew!).

Together, we’ll go far beyond just design

You don’t need me to remind you about the complexity of a rebrand, because I know how many details and considerations have been floating around in your brain since the moment you decided it was time for a change.

Shifting established business assets like your website, your SEO, your messaging, and even your target audience can be complex. But you’re in good hands here — because I’m a veteran when it comes to rebranding.

Together, we’ll approach your rebrand with a clear marketing and strategic lens, addressing all of the complexities that have been holding you back from kicking off your rebrand so far. We’ll address things like:

  • Communicating your rebrand to your audience
  • How to change your prices to reflect your new branding
  • Which services to keep vs scrap
  • How to retire clients that no longer fit
  • SEO best-practices from a brand awareness standpoint
  • How to capitalize on your rebrand launch with a conversion strategy

And once we have clarity on these important aspects, we’ll start bringing your vision to life.

You’re in good company

Some of the clients I’ve worked with on their rebrands include

The Packages

Rebrand & Website Action Plan

Everything in the Rebrand Action Plan, but with the most complex component included: your website. This plan is specially tailored to businesses that depend on their website for lead generation or authority building. Includes:

  • Site-wide SEO audit to determine SEO health, organic growth opportunities, and blockades
  • Information Architecture audit to determine which content is staying versus what has to go to support your new branding direction
  • Full website redesign with copywriting, applying the strategy from the Rebrand Action Plan to the next great iteration of your site
  • Migration expertise to safely relaunch  your website without losing your existing SEO and rankings

Investment starts at $15,000

Rebrand Action Plan

Ready to lead a brand that works harder for your bottom line? This plan is for you because there's serious work to do for serious growth. Includes:

  • Brand audit to determine what's staying the same and what's changing (including services, pricing, language, and digital assets)
  • Market position research to see the bigger picture of where your brand needs to be in your unique industry landscape.
  • Client interviews so we can build accurate personas that are critical to rebranding success
  • Logo redesign, including two distinct high-fidelity concepts to choose from
  • Brand Standards Guide covering the do's and don'ts of your new brand, including photography and aesthetic asset recommendations
  • Creation of print and digital collateral, including Canva templates that can be used to easily create graphics and materials on an ongoing basis
  • Full rebrand launch strategy so we can announce your rebrand in a way that will resonate (no more swapping logos in the wee hours of the night!

Investment starts at $7,000

From DIY to Done Right

A case study: Social Media Day Halifax Conference


Social Media Day Halifax (SMDH) is Atlantic Canada's premier social media conference. Designed to get people off their screens and interacting with their community, SMDH's goal is to improve attendees’ social media communications and marketing.

Going into their second year, the organizers realized that some branding decisions were not indicative of what they felt the event’s identity should be.

The Challenge

Prior to the first edition of the conference in 2018, all branding, marketing, and execution were done by the organizers. As a result, while the brand was serviceable for launch, it became apparent that the event needed a more cohesive design and implementation strategy moving forward.

SMDH also wanted to position itself against other national and international conferences of similar content.

Finally, the team also wanted their branding materials to be gender-neutral and more welcoming to men. Women significantly outnumbered men at the previous year’s conference, and with almost two-thirds of men having a social media account, this was a considerable audience that they were having difficulty tapping into.

The Solution

Showing old Social Media Day Halifax logo and new rebrand differences
Social Media Day Halifax was a complete rebrand. Not only was their a huge change to the logo, but colour, messaging and ideal conference attendees.

How does a conference refine its branding amidst the chaos of planning and staging a sold-out event? It brings in a professional who works with tight timelines.

I am no stranger to the world of event management. I have worked with other events such as Hal-Con, the Halifax Pride Festival, and the Halifax International Buskers Festival to deliver everything from branding to festival guides to airport door-wrappers.

In consideration of event operations, I identified the need for the organizers to herald their own brand application. In a crunch to send items to vendors such as printers and marketers, SMDH would benefit from working autonomously from a designer. Robust standards were not needed, but an easy-to-follow brand application was critical.

Market positioning is important in brand redesign. In my research, I discovered an epidemic of the colour orange in digital and business events. Orange is a very energetic and progressive colour, but Social Media Day Halifax deserved something different.

Collage of logos that all have orange colours
In a plethora of orange and grey, red and bright blue stand out.

The final colour palette is a brilliant bright blue and poppy red. When placed against charcoal black, Social Media Day Halifax’s logo leaps off the page or screen.

The original supporting font (a feminine script) was dropped completely. The wordmark and tagline were typeset in Montreal medium to return to a more inclusive, modern, and gender-neutral feel. This font family was used for all major type applications including badges, social media graphics, and marketing.

From the beginning of this project, my goal was to investigate the concept that social media was about 'communication'. But aside from speech bubbles or platform logos, how do you convey 'social media'?

Inspiration struck in a symbol we all encounter every day - but likely don’t stop to think about: the hashtag. Many, many (many) sketches and treatments of the hashtag were developed to marry the theme of communication and the conference into something dynamic.

Social media isn’t about shouting into the digital void: it is a two-way conversation with an audience. The new brand reflects this with arrows overlapping. Be it live videos, sharing content, or bringing visibility to your cause, social media is all about communication, which this logo showcases succinctly.

But we’re not done yet! Did you notice that these arrows form a hashtag on its side? Just like the conference content, the new logo has a little ‘a-ha!’ moment all its own. Social Media Day Halifax is all about new perspectives.

evolution of brand logo design

The Result: A brand that stands out from the digital conference herd

SMDH's rebrand speaks to the vision of its organizers. Easy-to-follow collateral templates were given to the team to apply on their own time. The final application was easy for the team to apply to their website, marketing material, and (of course) social media content.

This freed up more complex applications to be handled directly by myself. This included the attendee badge system, vertical banner designs for key sponsors, and an attractive day planner keepsake.

In their words

"When we decided we needed a new brand for the annual Social Media Day Halifax Conference, we specifically requested Alison K Consulting design it. We knew she would approach it with enthusiasm, competitor research and best branding practices. We were over the moon when she presented our final logo. Our new branding was delivered seamlessly with our event workflow, and it will serve us well for many years to come.”

- Linda Daley, VP, Social Media Day Halifax Conference

Collage of Social Media Day planner an sponsor lanyards, a group of women taking photos in fron of a popup banner, a table with attendee lanyards and hallway with branded show posters

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope, I really do market research. For either of my signature packages, I will actually get on the phone with your clients and ask them questions about their impressions of your brand (among other things).

Yes, a full website redesign is included in the Rebrand & Website Action Plan package.

That’s up to your audience strengths, your budget, and your imagination! From relaunch email sequences, to physical goods mailed to VIP clients, to virtual events, there’s no limit to what we can do. 

Yes, if not handled correctly. There's lots of little technical details to get right to insure as smooth a transition as possible.

If your rebrand includes a website migration and/or domain change, there’s a chance that relaunching will negatively impact your SEO rankings — but not if you work with an expert to handle the migration for you! This is included in the Rebrand & Website Action Plan package. 

While WordPress is my specialty, I can also redo Squarespace websites.

While changing up your brand can sometimes mean a change in direction in terms of who you’re attracting, we always do this with intention and empathy in mind. If we do choose to start phasing out a particular type of audience, we’ll do it with the utmost respect and come up with a strategy that will help them transition into other options seamlessly.

Absolutely! In this case I would recommend a smaller engagement that might include some components of web consulting or SEO consulting to make that transition for you as smooth as possible.

Are you ready to WOW with the next iteration of your brand?

I can’t wait to help. Schedule a free consult with me today, and let’s find you that perfect blend of planning, marketing, design, and thinking BIG.