Ready to tap into SEO's power for greater impact, but not sure where to start?

SEO consulting & training for service-based brands putting good into the world

I want to show you that SEO doesn’t have to be the intimidating, David vs Goliath beast that it seems like right now. Because I believe your small but mighty team have everything you need to succeed!

You’ve already heard about the amazing benefits of SEO

In fact, I’m willing to bet that the word “SEO” gets dropped in a team meeting at least every couple of months.

You’ve attended the seminars that preach about how SEO is crucial if you even want to be found online, and you’ve probably printed off a handful of SEO checklists (that went untouched before inevitably making their way to the office recycling bin).

In other words, you’ve been wanting to explore the increased visibility, awareness, and sales that you know come with SEO, yet somehow it always ends up at the bottom of your to-do list.

The biggest culprit? Most SEO advice out there doesn’t apply to your unique situation.

A quick Google search will pull up thousands of juicy articles on SEO. But if you’re like most of my clients, it’s almost impossible to apply this “typical” advice to your social enterprise or impact-based business model.

Most SEO advice is geared towards eCommerce and SaaS companies who are trying to attract an audience that is acutely aware of their problem AND who are actively looking to purchase a solution for that problem...

But what happens if that’s not your people?

How do you apply SEO best practices when...

You offer complex solutions to complex problems that don't fit neatly in the "need it > add to cart > buy it" funnel?

You don't just need awareness, but a way to actually inspire people to take action, donate or become volunteers?

You’re already getting website traffic, but it isn’t translating into quality leads for your business?

Your audience often isn’t even aware that there’s a solution out there for the problem they’re facing?

Here’s what I want you to know about SEO for socially conscious startups

I know that all of this disconnected, irrelevant information can make Google look like a big, intimidating monster that can only be tamed by a full-fledged internal SEO team…

But Google and SEO are just tools.

When you shift your focus to the people who are using those tools — the people with problems that YOU can solve — suddenly things look a lot less technical and a lot more exciting.

That’s exactly the kind of SEO consulting and training I do: I want to help you and your team see SEO as an effective way to build your brand and get it in front of people when they’re actively looking for your services, so you can do more of what you excel in.


I empower your ‘small but mighty’ team to harness the power of SEO, your way.

When you work with me, you get SEO consulting with a side of professional development.

My number one goal is to come in, help you get clarity on the next best steps for your specific goals, and teach your team how to own the SEO process themselves.

Frankly, if I fell off the face of the planet tomorrow, I want you and your team to know exactly what to do to keep on seeing results. (Don’t worry, I do believe that Earth is round.)


"Alison’s perspective on tackling branding issues in an organic context is impressive. Match that with her experience in digital marketing and design, and you have one hell of an SEO consultant. SMBs and nonprofits looking for someone who truly cares about attracting the right audience would be wise to add her to their team."
 - Michael MacMillan, Principal Consultant of MacMillan Search

Alison K balancing on a chair with one leg in the air.

Hi! I’m Alison Knott (your SEO sorceress)

You're the expert in your niche. My job is to get that expertise in front of the right people who don't know about you... yet.

Since 2010, I've helped knowledge experts and change-makers match their goals to website performance, all while dumping the techie jargon for clear, obtainable objectives.

I started building websites when I was 14, which turned into a love affair with WordPress, and later digital marketing. These days, I combine data analysis with design thinking and lead generation for the perfect SEO trifecta.

This Halifax-based unicorn-web-designer-turned-consultant is proud to bring years of multi-disciplinary marketing knowledge to the work I do. So that I can help my clients expand their teams’ skills and see results that don’t force them to keep hiring consultant after consultant to do the work for them.

Trusted By & Featured In

My small service-based SEO clients have gone on to…

  • Land national accounts who came exclusively via search.
  • Triple their online sales in just one month, without any help from social media or paid advertising
  • Boost their landing page ranking from #30 to #4 under a highly competitive and niched keyword
  • Increase their organic traffic by 3% within 4 months using existing articles (a realistic benchmark that continues to grow)
  • Save $12,000 of marketing budget and multiple hours by better directing traffic and developing a deeper understanding of their audience
  • Beat out 458 million results to become a featured snippet in Google in their niche (see below!)
Google feature snippet for "how to newsletter audit"

I know how important it is that you find the “right fit”

As a small purpose-driven business, nonprofit, or social enterprise, you don’t have money to throw around on any old consultant. You need to make sure that whatever choice you make is the right one for you, your team, and your goals.

Here are a few reasons why that’s me.


I translate SEO best practices for your mission and goals

You won’t find any SEO advice for eCommerce brands here. If you have a complex sales process or unique niche, I’m your gal. I keep things jargon-free, specific to your situation, and never, ever templated.

I’m like the Swiss army knife of SEO

I'm a consultant with 10+ years of experience in UI/UX and branding. This means that my SEO recommendations also solve messaging and design problems your website may be facing. The short and sweet of it? I can do what you’d normally need 2+ consultants to achieve.


I become a temporary part of your team

I’m not the kind of consultant who only pops in for a conference call once a month, and I certainly don’t outsource my SEO work to the lowest bidder. I’m here to become a temporary part of your team, directing and instructing your team members while offering them plenty of space to play, experiment, and ask the important questions.

I understand (and am flexible to) the nonprofit space

Many of my clientele operate in the nonprofit or social enterprise space. I understand the unique challenges nonprofits face when working on long-term projects. Board approvals, regulatory requirements, limited resources: I'm ready to navigate it all with you and your team.

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Work with me and you'll improve your SEO (and writing skills) with ease!

SEO Advisory Call

$500 CDN

Get the confidence and clarity you need to do specific aspects of SEO the right way.

Looking for direction on how to update specific content to increase traffic? Unsure how SEO can fit into your current goals and want a second opinion?

Spend 90 minutes to save hours of "what if?" with a SEO and conversion specialist. Together we'll strategize over a specific aspect of SEO that will leave you informed and confident, ready to take the correct next steps.

Package includes 90 minute strategy call and a 30 minute check-in two weeks later.

SEO Work Session

$1500 CDN

Together we'll collaborate to fix/tweak/change what maters most. In real time.

This 1/2 day session is a combination of consulting and implementation to tackle deeper work such as editing blog posts, performing search intent and keyword research, or training team members on a specific aspect of SEO.

  • Questionnaire so I have advanced insight to make the most of our session.
  • Up to 5 hours of a combination of consulting (you and I doing the work) and implementation (I do extra bits for you).
  • Either virtually on Zoom or in-person in North End Halifax
  • Delicious treats to keep us fueled as we work together!

SEO Audit & Action Plan

from $2,000 CDN

Enough with the shallow "free" SEO audits - it's time for a juicy, deep and actionable SEO Action Plan!

This audit is a holistic approach to SEO that ties beautifully into your existing marketing. Includes:

  • Comprehensive Audit on your site and external influences affect organic results, including 3 competitors.
  • Multi-page strategic Action Plan outlining findings, gaps, opportunities and 5-7 recommended next steps.
  • 2-hour strategy session to help you decide what action to take next.
  • Complementary setup of Google Search Console.
  • Weekly 1-hour accountability sessions can be added upon request (1, 3, and 6 month options)

Price depends on size of your website.

Done With You SEO Package

from $4,500 CDN

For teams that need training and support to action SEO recommendations.

This package is all about helping your team thrive with SEO. I work closely with them to implement Action Plan recommendations, support new skills and provide feedback and guidance. Includes:

  • Everything in SEO Audit & Action Plan.
  • Weekly training/support sessions recorded via Zoom.
  • Access to my vault of SEO-related templates, tools and resources.
  • Support with keyword research, meta descriptions and other SEO tasks.
  • 24/7 email access to me for any SEO-related questions you may have.

This package is a 3 month commitment.

From sporadic revenue to daily sales in just one month

A Case Study: The Canadian Diversity Initiative (CDI)


The Canadian Diversity Initiative (CDI) mission is to foster diversity and inclusion through education. They offer a variety of online courses on Canadian-specific DEI topics such as unconscious bias, respect & inclusion for the LGBT+ community, and Canadian Indigenous culture, among others.


Relying exclusively on organic traffic for sales, CDI wanted to increase the quality of leads to their site. Alison K identified the need to shift focus from individual consumers to HR leaders to reach their sales goals.


Tasks to help the transformation included:

  • Revision of language across the site, with emphasis on course features that HR professionals seek out
  • Competitor research against keyword analysis
  • Template creation of new individual course landing pages, about page, and homepage
  • Training CDI team members on how to create and format content for SEO
  • Custom dashboard to monitor weekly shifts in traffic to further identify gaps and opportunities


Within one month of project completion, CDI’s sales tripled compared to their total sales from the previous quarter, with 60% of orders now in units of 50+. The site now ranks on page one for multiple highly-competitive keyphrases and has doubled clicks.

In their words

"After our SEO work with Alison K, course sales went from sporadic single units to weekly bulk purchases. Because of her SEO recommendations, our DEI training is now more accessible to employees across Canada... exceeding our initial projections!"

- Kim Scaravelli, The Canadian Diversity Initiative

A supported team is a happy team

A Case Study: AA Munro Insurance


AA Munro Insurance is a home, auto, and business insurance broker. They have 20+ locations across the Maritime provinces, and their marketing is managed by a small but mighty communications team.


AA Munro Insurance had previously hired another company, Red Ear Media, to perform an SEO audit on their website. One key recommendation was to consolidate and grow the ‘Insurance Tips’ section; a collection of articles that educate and answer questions around personal and commercial insurance. There was plenty of useful content, but most had not been optimized for organic search or were out of date.


Alison K came on board to support the in-house team with transforming more than 20 articles. Tasks included:

  • Applying technical SEO changes required during the consolidation of old and new content
  • Reviewing drafts/revisions for message clarity and searcher intent
  • Team training on content optimization
  • General SEO consulting on other website-related projects


Since the work began, these articles have added 3% more organic traffic to the AA Munro Insurance site, with multiple ‘star’ articles converting into insurance quotes leads. Now, the communications team has the skills it needs to continue growing the ‘Insurance Tips’ section of the website while also applying what was learned to other areas of the site.

In their words

"Our team has loved having Alison's support and guidance. She was excited to implement the SEO recommendations of another provider. Her ability to provide training, prioritize tasks and check results has insured this multi-faceted project remains enjoyable and fruitful."

- Angus MacCaull, AA Munro Insurance

We’re a good fit if you...

  • Have been in operation for at least 3 years
  • Offer services that don't fit easily in a "want it > buy it > add to cart" system
  • Are a startup, nonprofit or social enterprise putting good into the world
  • Make at least $60k/year in revenue
  • Are not in the diet, ecommerce store, or real estate industries

If the above sounds like you, we’re a perfect fit to accomplish some real SEO magic together.

Frequently Asked Questions

I offer implementation support for clients who purchase the "Done-With-You SEO Package".

Specifically, I work with your team to make the changes yourselves. Unlike most agencies and consultants, my priority is teaching your team to succeed without me.

My consultation work is centered around skill development and empowering your employees or virtual assistants with the tools and knowledge needed to have long-term SEO success (without worrying that you’re going to break everything).

Even if you do everything perfectly, you can’t force SEO to “speed up”. What’s important is to do the work (and do it well) and then wait for it to organically gain traction.

You can expect to see organic improvement after 4-6 months, depending on the search habits of your key audience, the technology behind your website, and the competitive nature of your industry.

That said, you and your team get to start developing your skills immediately!

The goal is to work SEO into a rhythm that works for your team. Generally, you can expect to spend 1 hour a week or 4-6 hours a month. 

SEO isn't something you do in a big 'batch' and you're done. Just like social media or any other marketing tool, you'll need to chip away at it monthly.

The great news is that it is mostly 'rinse and repeat' so once I give you the tools and skills you need, the work to be done gets completed faster and faster!

The SEO Advisory Call is a great option if you're beginning your SEO journey in earnest and want to sent a foundation.

The larger packages are best suited to brands that have a team (i.e. 2+ people) available to grow their SEO skills and implement my recommendations.

Not sure if that’s you? Examples of clients I’ve worked with in the past include:

  • Coaches, consultants, or service providers who operate as individuals but are supported by a virtual assistant
  • Impact-based companies with a small marketing or comms team (2+ employees that wear many hats)
  • Nonprofits and social enterprises that have 2-4 employees and a rotation of interns and/or short-term contractors 

This is rarely the case. Most often the biggest changes are textual! In our free consult, we can discuss whether a redesign is necessary for you to see SEO success.

While WordPress is my specialty, I also offer SEO consulting for Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly. I do not offer SEO for Shopify, Drupal, Joomla, or Etsy

SEO is a long game, which means it’s never too late to implement it! As long as you have the time, money, and interest to invest in SEO work, this is the exact best time to start. 

While the algorithm and SEO tools may change, the purpose and intention behind a thought-out strategy doesn’t. My work focuses on giving you and your team the solid foundation needed to continue finding success, even if you’re switching up the tools you need to get you there.

Are you ready to finally implement a clear-cut SEO strategy for your team?

I can’t wait to help. Schedule a free consult with me today, and let’s get you on the path of making SEO an actionable (and enjoyable!) part of your marketing success.