Toastmasters Table Topics Idea: The Zoo

Post by Alison Knott | October 1, 2016

A great Table Topic is always very inspiring. After evaluating speeches, I have to say that Table Topics are my next favourite thing about Toastmasters. It amazes me how each person that participates runs with the given topic. Other times, you can see an evolution or some sort of collective thought as each speaker’s words or cadence influences the next.

Here is a Table Topic I created for my first time as Table Topics Master at Creatively Speaking. I was inspired by animal related sayings, and wanted to give speakers a variety of subject matter to work with. Please use this Table Topics idea for your next meeting and let me know how it goes!

The Zoo

Cut out the sayings, fold them and place them in a bag. Call up speakers in any fashion you wish (handing out pieces of paper with numbers on them in advance is great). Have them pick out a piece once at the lectern. Speakers may read the paper at the start or end of their speech, depending on how they want to deliver it!

“It’s like a zoo in there!” Talk about a time things got a little crazy at home or work.

“Birds of a feather flock together.” Tell us about a memorable childhood friend.

“It’s raining cats and dogs!” How will you prepare for this weather phenomena?

“Monkey see, monkey do.” Who is a role model you look up to and why?

“Make a mountain out of a molehill.” Exaggerate you arrival here tonight.

“An elephant never forgets.” Speak about forgiveness.

“Teach an old dog new tricks.” Share with us something interesting you learned recently.

“A whale of a tale.” Really embellish on what you had for lunch today. Go crazy.

Wild card! Talk about anything related to insects.

“See you later, alligator.” Tell us a time you had to get out of a sticky situation.

“Hickory dickory dock, a mouse ran up the clock.” Speak about time management.

“This little piggy went to the market.” If you were gifted $3,000 what would you spend it on?

“Early bird gets the worm.” Talk about a missed opportunity.