Using Pinterest For Creating A Brand: My Guest Post on Work Better, Not Harder

Post by Alison Knott | Last Updated: December 20, 2020

Pinterest + Your Brain + Design = Branding Love!

Did you know Pinterest is a fast way to start your new brand? It can also be useful for rebranding! Why? Because it allows you to collect a variety of imagery quickly to help articulate what you have in mind for your ‘yet-designed’ logo and branding. Cus, you know…. just saying ‘I want blue’ doesn’t help anyone (just type in ‘blue swatch’ into Pinterest to see what I mean). Linda Daley of  Daley Progress invited me to guest blog on the subject, which resulted in a two-part mini series.

Part One(Getting up close and personal with research) is all about how to actually start thinking about your brand. You know, getting it out of your head and onto the screen or paper. To do so, I cover research and understanding design patterns. This is how designers figure out how to organize recurring things such as typography, colour and language. I

Part Two (Nailing it down with a pin!) then shows you how to apply this research and create a Pinterest board that you can use to curate your findings, get inspiration and share with whoever will help you design your brand. Or just a central location for you to remain on-task with creating your logo and branding. It’s a fun post because we use an imaginary company called ‘Parrot Party’ to dive into the methodology,

I had a lot of fun writing these posts, and if you’re not familiar with the Work Better, Not Harder blog, you should subscribe asap!