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Halifax Website Redesign Services

Need a website redesign that's more than a pretty face-lift? Let's (re)design a site that attracts the right clients, grows your list and makes more money. All while requiring less work on your part. Yes, it CAN be done!

When is it time for a website redesign?

You've come a long way since you started your service-based business. You've refined your goals, figured out who your target audience is, and feel like you're gaining momentum... but your website isn't keeping up the pace. Does any of this sound familiar:

  • You've refined your business goals, but your site doesn't reflect that shift.
  • SEO, funnels and email marketing is available now that you didn't have access to before, and you're missing out on revenue opportunities.
  • You're attracting the wrong kind of prospects, or your site isn't attracting leads at all!


Looking for a website that works harder for you? Get Alison K Consulting to redesign your lean, mean, ROI machine.

"As an international training institution, we wanted a site redesign that would speak to both prospective students and corporate partnerships. Alison K delivered a site that not only adheres to our brand guidelines, but streamlined how different audiences interacted with our content.

From an administration standpoint, the new site’s setup allows us to easily manage not only content, but design components as well. We no longer feel confined by technical limitations of our old site and are excited by the new growth opportunities this next iteration provides."

- Chase Taylor, Business Development Specialist,
World Water Operator Training Company

Why choose Alison Knott over another Halifax web designer or marketing agency?

Data Driven: I dig deep into your historical data (Google Analytics, email list, etc), to see where the links or gaps are between your site and your business goals. Maybe we have to focus on traffic growth. Or per-qualifying leads. Or you're entering a competitive SEO landscape. Since the web was built to measure, I'll hold up the yardstick so we know exactly what your site needs to do.

Design & Marketing Dynamo: With over 12 years of digital design and marketing under my belt, I know how to translate your messaging into click-worthy content. Website redesigns are about ROI, not trendy templates.

WordPress Wonder Woman: If WordPress was a car, I’d know how everything works under the hood, and can turn your hatchback into a Hummer. Plus, I am a leader in the Canadian WordPress community and part of a network of other WordPress professionals. I know my stuff so you don’t have to.

Empowering You: Your online business needs can change in an instant. While my website redesigns are custom, they are built in a way that leaves you in complete control over content and layout.

Website Redesign Cost & Scope

I specialize in WordPress redesigns for service-based business and non-profits, starting at $5,000. I do not build ecommerce websites.

If you need your website to do the heavy lifting of attracting quality leads, then my redesigns are ready to do the job. Every request is different, so here's a short list of my website redesign capabilities:

  • Full redesign of content, which you can update easily post-launch
  • SEO Optimized, from code to content (SEO consulting also available)
  • Mailchimp or Active Campaign list integration
  • Calendar booking integration
  • Creation and execution of landing page, opt ins and funnels
  • Technical requirements to insure a smooth transition (301 redirects, Google Analytics + Google Search Console integration, email migration)
  • Advanced tracking with Google Tag Manager
  • 2 hours custom training
  • 30 days post-launch WordPress Core monitoring, plugin updates and backup service
  • Copywriting, photography and illustration can also be sourced


Want to make the switch to WordPress? No problem! Move from other platforms (Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Square, Drupal, Blogger, with ease.

Other website redesign clients share their thoughts...

"When there’s technology involved, there are often inevitable issues. We at the Centre for Women in Business are certainly not immune to these issues, especially when it came to our business directory over the last couple of years. Our technology failed us and while we made several attempts to rectify the situation, nothing seemed to work.

Then we met Alison who was able to create a beautiful new business directory for us and our community. From start to finish, Alison K showed us her great amount of knowledge, her professionalism and her patience. She got to know our situation, what we needed, and gave us a fully functioning tool that we are proud to share.

This new tool has been a major piece in how we offer exposure to our women business owners and how we engage with our community. We are so grateful for the quality of work and thorough training we received."

- CWB Team

"Alison exceeded my expectations. She delivered a website that was very well designed, overcame all the hurdles in order to implement my requests, and delivered within the time frame we arranged. I was also very happy not only with the quality of work, but also with her communication and her transparent billing that didn’t allow for any misinterpretations or hidden costs."

- Costas Tsimpoukas,
Owner of Techmania Computer Sales & Service

"Alison K’s insights into website design and use have helped us understand which relationships, resources, and skillsets to prioritize as we digitize aspects of our brokerage. We listen closely when she speaks!"
-Angus MacCaull, AA Munro Insurance

"Alison has an ability to identify our customers’ online habits we weren’t aware of and implement tweaks to our site to embrace them. Her process focused on our business goals, and we have a clearer vision of how to connect with customers once they’ve left our doors. I recommend that any business owner who values their website add Alison to their marketing budget."

- John Scott, Operations Manager,
Steak and Stein Family Restaurants

My process is collaborative, not mysterious

I don’t disappear and show up with a design that you have no connection to. There are no surprises working with me because you’re involved in every step.

Generally, my process is as follows and takes about three weeks:

  1. Blind Date: We have a 30-minute phone call to see what you’re looking for, and if you’d benefit from a build or a consultation. I recommend consultations if it’s discovered a stronger web strategy needs to be in place before a redesign.
  2. Proposal: I send a detailed proposal. It breaks out the cost of each item, timelines, what you are responsible for, what I’m responsible for, optional items I think you’d like, etc. Think of it as a-la-cart ordering. I don’t focus on final price. I list the items you need, in my professional opinion, to meet the goals we talked about.
  3. Discovery: Once the proposal is accepted, we have a two-hour meeting where I will take your existing site or content and offer professional, UI/UX proven decisions. I am going to ask you a lot of questions. Like, a lot. We are going to scribble a lot of little sketches on paper. We will leave no stone unturned.
  4. Design/Develop: Based off our meeting, I come up with live designs for you to review. That’s right: I do not make flat mock-ups. Everything I build is on a live WordPress environment. I believe you should be able to interact with my designs immediately for the best feedback. Once the designs are approved, I apply them to all other content. I don’t just create templates and tell you to implement them – I do that for you! Then, we add in any other additional items you many want. Mailchimp signup forms, conditional-logic surveys, drag-and-drop menu items… you name it, I can do it.
  5. Deliver: I squash any bugs or glitches and insure the site is perfectly responsive. We launch and celebrate together!

Website Redesign Case Study:
The Canadian Diversity Initiative

closeup of diverse group of people giving thumbs up

"Alison K is absolutely brilliant. She has created an SEO-friendly website that not only attracts traffic – It also engages visitors and pulls them towards the sale. The results have been truly impressive. Our website traffic is up and our bounce rate is down. Most importantly, the number of people requesting more information (and buying our training) has increased by more than 400%!

- Kim Scaravelli, The Canadian Diversity Initiative


As more people are empowered to speak up about what makes them unique, the world has become increasingly diverse. According to Glassdoor, 67% of job seekers say that diversity in the workplace is an important factor when considering job offers.

The Canadian Diversity Initiative provides an online educational platform for organizations to learn how they can be more inclusive of diverse employees.

Despite the importance and value of diversity and inclusion training, they were having difficulty in attracting paying customers.


The challenge: consolidating with care

The primary challenge facing The Canadian Diversity Initiative was one many organizations face: providing tons of useful valuable information to their niche market, but missing a step in converting their organic audience into customers.

In The Canadian Diversity Initiative's case, there was a disconnect between their training offerings and public-facing website. Specifically, their public presence existed on a different platform and served as more of a blog than an introduction to their sales funnel. When their content marketing efforts generated organic leads, there was friction in directing them to the next step: picking the right online training for their organization.


Solution: content design leads to conversion desires

Alison K Consulting pulled in assets from an ongoing rebrand and combined the two separate websites into a single destination for the end consumer. Moving from to helped to better establish that The Canadian Diversity Initiative is the authority on diversity and inclusion training.

screenshot of new subpage of Canadian Diversity Initiative website
The redesign emphasis clear calls to action, bright photography and restructured navigation.
screenshot of new resources page for Canadian Diversity Initiative
Revamp of resources page that drop a significant portion of organic traffic.
old Canadian Diversity Initiative website
Original Canadian Diversity Initiative subpage.

In assessing how I could improve The Canadian Diversity Initiative’s web presence, I enacted administrative and technical aspects in the back-end of the website, including a restructuring leading to better information architecture.

Additionally, in order to help them better capture leads, I leveraged landing pages to be used in conjunction with Google Ads. This ensured interested parties would always find themselves in the right place to make a purchase.

Results: significant data increase

The new attitude that Alison K Consulting brought to CanDiversity’s website created several net positives. As opposed to focusing on the product, the new website is oriented towards the end-buyer, leading to a unit sales increase.

Within just three months of the relaunch, the Canadian Diversity Initiative website covered some healthy traffic and marketing ground:

increase in CTR
SERP for "respect in workplace quiz" queries (main product term)
decrease in bounce rate


While any of these results are wonderful in their own right, The Canadian Diversity Initiative now also has a direct funnel from their information to their products, which has dramatically increased their lead generation.

Google Search Console graph showing increase in impressions and clicks
Google Search Console data for last 12 months since August 2019. Note increase in click throughs and impressions.