Your Web Strategy Program

May 2020 Cohort Is Full

The web is meant to be measured… are you afraid to hold the yardstick?

Do you want to stop guessing and understand how people really use your website so you can make decisions that skyrocket revenue?

Hi, I’m Alison K and my Web Strategy program turns an inch of data into a mile of results.

As a web consultant with 12 years of marketing and technical expertise, I’ve helped hundreds of business owners across North America understand their traffic, and turn that knowledge into ROI gold.

The ingredients for a powerful website strategy are well known:

  • SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Content Creation
  • User experience


But often business owners find them difficult to relate to, let alone apply to their own website.

In my series of live sessions, we overcome this by working with these concepts in a more organic and intuitive way.

Together, we’ll unlock the potential of your website so you can:

  • Land higher quality leads
  • Grow your sales and traffic
  • And save hours on content and social media creation

So pick up that yardstick and enroll in my Web Strategy Program today.