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I’m Alison K and I want to be your marketing BFF! Coming to you with the savvy, sense and support you need to prove your value as the wicked-smart marketer you are.

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Oh we both know that marketing spiral.

"Try it, we'll see how it goes. If the results are good, we'll do more and better." So you get your small (but mighty) team updating the website; posting to socials; creating the content; sending the newsletters.

And, in your role as Marketing Director,  or Lead-Person-Wearing-the-Marketing-Hat,  you're working hard to make marketing work.

But let's address the elephants in the room:

You're expected to create growth while under a pile of tasks that eat up all your time but don't move the needle.

You feel alone and overwhelmed by options. Where do you focus? SEO? Email marketing? Earned media?

You wish there was another "you" that "just gets it" to bounce ideas off and set KPIs with.

You secretly have a bigger marketing vision, and what you're doing now aint it.


We’ll figure out where to focus, get stuff finished, woot-woot your results, and get you moving on to bigger, better things.

What if you suddenly had a fellow senior-level marketer and conversion specialist *poof* working beside you?

Someone in your corner to get you out of the weeds and back to strategic thinking?

Who isn't afraid to roll up her sleeves and dive into marketing technology.

And takes all your efforts, processes and fiddly-bits you've cultivated, and organized them into a clear path of opportunities?

Looks like:

More 'right-fit' prospects turning into perfect customers, clients and advocates.

C-Suite and Board Members delighted by the growth you achieved.

More time to focus on the juicier marketing initiatives you're excited about.

Less time wasted on second guessing and re-inventing the wheel.

You know where you want to get to. You have the right people in place. What's missing is someone to help you steer that marketing ship straight to shore.

That's where I comes in.

You’re an ethical marketer helping your organization put good into the world. We need you to see more success! So who am I to help you move your marketing?


Marketing Coaching & Consulting

Two heads are better than one. Especially when it comes to tackling your ever-growing to-do list.

Training, Speaking, & Workshops

Raise the digital marketing literacy of your team, members or audience. I’ll start ‘em laughing, and leave ‘em inspired.


Happy clients with even happier ROI

"After our SEO work with Alison K, course sales went from sporadic single units to weekly bulk purchases. Because of her SEO recommendations, our DEI training is now more accessible to employees across Canada... exceeding our initial projections!"

- Kim Scaravelli,
The Canadian Diversity Initiative

"Alison K highlighted key opportunities and important areas of focus for my business, like my email list. Instead of moving straight to tactics, she aligned all of our work to help me achieve a bigger vision for my website."

- Shauna Cole,

"We’re so happy we chose Alison K to kick off our business conference as a keynote. Her energy and humour had the audience laughing and learning first thing in the morning."

- Michelle Champniss,
Executive Director, Sackville Business Association

Chat with me for 30 minutes and fall back in love with marketing.

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