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Should You Get Monthly WordPress Maintenance? Hell Yes.

May 13, 2020

Monthly WordPress maintenance. The service many small business owners put off, only to regret later. I interviewed Allison Woad to tell you in her own words why it’s so important. And, you know, cut the jargon crap and just explain to us how it all works.

Why Small Business Owners Can’t Ignore Their Websites During Covid-19

April 1, 2020

It is not business as usual right now. Small business owners are pausing or evaluating their systems. The great news is that service-based businesses are in a unique situation to help through their expertise.

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Four Quick Ways to Freshen Your Website for the New Year

December 31, 2019

Freshen your website for the New Year. It’s easy, and I promise to keep it to only four items, one of which is a two-second item. Remind yourself to visit this post every 364 days 😉

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Profitable Copywriting and Google Analytics Data: a Match Made in Heaven

March 5, 2019

How can you tell if your content is converting? How do you know if the words you’re using are resonating with the right audience? This post gets an extra dose of expertise as I’ve invited Adriana Tica of iDunn to weigh in on this subject.

My Guest Post at SatelliteWP: Colour in Website Design

January 25, 2019

Who doesn’t love to learn more about colour in web design? The fine folks over at SatelliteWP asked me to weigh in on the topic as a guest blogger on their site.

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Common Website Domain Questions

October 21, 2018

Just what the heck is a domain, really? What advantage does the .ca one have for us Canadians? Should I take care of my domains? I answer some of the most common Q’s I get!

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When Should You Install Google Analytics? NOW.

September 19, 2018

Installing Google Analytics can seem daunting. Or maybe you’re unsure if now is the right time to do it. Let me put it into perspective…

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Alison K. on the Cooking Show "Chit, Chat, Chop"

August 27, 2018

“Chit, Chat, Chop” is an amazing FacebookLive cooking show hosted by the fine folks at Kitchen Door. They’ve had politicians. They’ve had athletes. They’ve had bands. And now they’re gonna have… me?

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6 Reasons Your Non-Profit Needs WordPress Training Now

June 4, 2018

Your non-profit website is your face to the public. Donors, volunteers, clients, the media, and grant organizations evaluate doing business with you based on what they see. Is it one of your most important yet neglected asset?

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Reasons To Join Toastmasters: It Aint About Speeches!

June 16, 2017

I get it. Everyone thinks “Toastmasters is about getting over the fear of public speaking -that’s not for me.” I’d like to offer up some different reasons why TMI might be for you… and they have little to do with speeches.

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Toastmasters Table Topics Idea: The Zoo

October 1, 2016

Here is a Table Topic I created for my first time as Table Topics Master at Creatively Speaking. I was inspired by animal related sayings, and wanted to give speakers a variety of subject matter to work with. Please use this Table Topics idea for your next meeting and let me know how it goes.

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Tips For Engaging Contact Pages

May 30, 2016

If your contact page isn’t engaging, how do you expect people to connect with you? The advantage of ‘Contact’ is that visitors use it to connect with you. This makes it low hanging fruit, yet people ignore designing it properly Contact pages need love too! Learn how to give them some tender TLC…

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Tips On Writing Content Specifically For WordPress

December 9, 2015

Cut and pasting techniques. Excerpts and ‘read more’ functions. Here are some technical and creative approaches that are sure to speed up writing and posting time.