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Google Analytics Training to Increase Traffic and Conversion

Make informed business decisions with Google Analytics Training. These custom one-on-one sessions make Google Analytics easy to understand and empowers you to focus on your bottom line.

Let's get you excited about your website traffic.


Because we both know your business depends on it.

You're a business owner doing it all yourself: updating the website, posting on social media, trying to get people to your site.

Tell me, how does all that effort translate to phone calls, downloads and purchases on your site?

Google Analytics tells you how... and who. And when. Where. You get my drift!

It is the key to unlocking your website’s potential. It holds all the data you need about your visitors, buying patterns, traffic sources and SO much more.

Data is wonderful, BUT...

It can also be overwhelming. And it's hard to know what good or bad numbers are. Can't we just focus on the parts that generate revenue?

That's why I'm here... to give you the support you need!

Yes, in one hour you'll even understand what this screen does. That's me in the little screen helping you along the way.
Yes, in one hour you'll even understand what this screen does. That's me in the little screen helping you along the way.

Who needs Google Analytics support?

  • The blogger who wants to pitch their content to big brands.
  • The lifestyle coach who's breaking into an international market.
  • The graphic designer who needs to grow their email list.
  • The roofing company that wants to generate more quotes.
  • The non-profit working on a new awareness campaign.
  • Those who know there's a correlation between site traffic and success, but aren't sure how to put it together.

Is this a Google Analytics course?

No. And honestly, I don't think you need a course.

Why? In my 10+ years working with client data, we've looked at less than 25% of the reporting to figure out how to grow traffic. You're a savvy business owner: you just need to know what is and isn't working. And how to fix it.

It's just you and I, focusing on what matters to your business. The content is not a generic curriculum. We do the work on your actual data. Talk about a deep dive!

Besides, do you really need another online course?


Unlock the secrets of your traffic in 3 easy sessions

Sessions are 100% custom to your needs. They are held via Zoom (a free video chat and screen sharing system) for 1 hour each. These sessions are recorded for your reference.

See precisely who visits your website, what they are reading, and for how long. More importantly, why they are (or are not) calling, buying your product or booking your services... and what to do to fix that. Questions we answer:

  • “Bounce Rate”, "Pageviews", "Sessions"... which ones matter to your biz?
  • Which social media platforms are your best performers?
  • Where do you need to focus SEO efforts?
  • Where are the opportunities to create growth?


Google Analytics Training: $475+hst

3 x 1 hour session | Video recorded | Custom Action Plan | Multi-page Cheat Sheet

Session 1: Goals & Action

  • Together we establish 3-5 key business goals, and identify how to track them in Google Analytics.
  • The trick is you don't need to know the whole platform to benefit from it. You only need to focus on the areas that matter to your unique business needs.
  • We also cover what are "good" and "bad" numbers specific to you, how to slice and dice your existing data and how to send yourself reports.
  • Finally, I deliver an action plan to you of what needs to happen in order to push your goals forward.

Sessions 2 & 3: Support & Growth

  • Where most Google Analytics training fails is in ignoring that data takes time! I am dedicated to the success of your website, and that means checking in on the results of your hard work.
  • We will revisit the areas we covered before to see the progress in your traffic. We also add more to your knowledge base on using Google Analytics, or address any new concerns/concepts that have arisen.

Join other business owners who've dug up data gold!

"I’ve been working with Alison K for several months now. I have been transitioning my creative business to doing more corporate work. I wanted to understand my website traffic to better position myself for this market. We meet every few months to evaluate my website traffic, and have begun making small changes to my website to see if we can increase traffic to the pages that I would like to emphasize.

Alison gives clear direction and knows exactly how much information I can handle without getting overwhelmed. She helps me to break down what seems like a complicated process into bite sized portions. I’m really happy as a solo entrepreneur to have Alison on my team."
– Meryl C.

"As a self-taught Analytics user, Alison made me confident that I was already on the right track, and definitely took my understanding to the next level. As always, Alison was an engaging presenter who shared her knowledge in a humorous and easy to understand way."
– Amanda R.

"When we needed insight on how to better engage with our readership online, Alison came highly recommend. Her energy is contagious and her professional knowledge runs deep. "
– Max B.

“I knew I should be watching Google Analytics but I was completely intimidated by it. As our session went along, Alison made Google Analytics easy then clear then downright intriguing. Tweaking my website has gone from a chore to an indulgent pleasure.”
– Kate B.

"Every time I dig into my analytics with Alison, I find out things I wish I'd realized sooner. I'm able to identify specific actions I can take to get more eyes on my content."
– Linda D.

Frequently asked questions

Alison K giving a talk on Google Analytics at Social Media Day Halifax conference
That's me in the yellow jacket giving a talk on Google Analytics at Social Media Day Halifax.

Meet Your Trainer Alison K

Hi, I’m Alison, your new website Sidekick!

I’ve spent the last 11 years (re)building websites and upgrading them to lean, mean ROI machines. Across Canada and around the globe, when a service-based company needs help with their site, I'm there.

I'm a Haligonian who runs workshops, webinars, training sessions and speaks on stages internationally about Google Analytics.

It breaks my heart to see people blindly put effort into their site content and design. The web was meant to be measured, and yet many people are afraid to even look at the yardstick.

As a web consultant and instructor, I’m on a mission to help site owners make informed decisions about their site. Enough with the smoke and mirrors – we’ll use Analytics and Search data instead!