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Serious question: does your website work its hardest for your business?

I get it: you're stretched thin with time and resources. Even if you know what you should be doing with your site, you may be lost on how.

You were told your website was an investment, so you had one made, or did it yourself. You thought it would be easy, but the site lacks purpose, or you need it to do something different... something better. Your “investment” isn’t translating into dollars, and you know you need to level up your website somehow.

Many business owners don’t require an entire marketing or web team. They just need me.

Website consultations help wrangle the ever growing to-do list. Especially as being online gets more complicated: SEO, looking right on smartphones, selling glitches, shrinking budgets, missed opportunities… how can you make the most of your site?

Planning & Auditing

  • Creating strategies for existing sites
  • Homepage or landing page critiques
  • UI/UX, Google Analytics/ Search Console audits
  • SEO-based content creation process
  • Planning new functionality to a site

Tracking Prospects/Visitors

  • Setting up funnels or email campaigns
  • Google Analytics Training
  • Lead magnet design and setup
  • Social media integration

Remote And On-site Training

  • WordPress (more info)
  • Google Analytics
  • Mailchimp
  • Google Search Console

Rates & Timelines

  • $100/hour (in person or remotely)
  • Audits from $500
  • Generally booking one week in advance
  • Retainers available for larger projects

"Without Alison I would be lost in a sea of how-to articles, plugin updates and lack of vision. She helps me bridge the gap between plans and actions, and to stay focused on the activities important to achieving my goals. She shows me 'how' when I want to know, and will do what I don't want to learn.

Her technological skill and experience, combined with her marketing background, puts her leagues ahead of any other web designer I've worked with. I absolutely trust Alison K's advice and feel she has my best interests at heart."

- Linda Daley, Owner Daley Progress Inc.

"Alison K has an ability to identify our customers' online habits we weren't aware of and implement tweaks to our site to embrace them. Her process focused on our business goals, and we have a clearer vision of how to connect with customers once they’ve left our doors.

I recommend that any business owner who values their website add Alison K Consulting to their marketing budget."

- John Scott, Operations Manager Steak and Stein Family Restaurants

Web Consulting Case Study:
AA Munro Insurance 75th Anniversary Celebration

group shot from AA Munro 75th Anniversary Celebration

"Alison K truly cares about the long-term impact of data and design. She leverages a broad knowledge base to create solutions that help bring your story to the audience that matters most."
- Angus MacCaull, AA Munro Insurance


It is human nature to want to help others - to build and protect our communities. Few businesses in Nova Scotia know this better than AA Munro Insurance. With many locations across the province, AA Munro is dedicated to serving customers on the local level, treating the insurance business as a community affair.

With their Diamond anniversary approaching, how could they celebrate not only this massive 75 year achievement, but all the communities involved in their success?

Solution: do it through stories

A single landing page outlining the history of the company would not suffice. AA Munro wanted something that spoke to their community-centric approach. Something that would invite users to interact with their history.

To pay homage, 75 years of content was pulled from various sources. Internal blog posts, newspaper series, community and charity events, and even historical industry moments were gathered up. As they were reviewed, it became clear that there were stories to tell. How could the ‘story’ angle be blended into a website experience?

Alison K Consulting's web strategy for this project included:

  • Identifying and organizing this large amount of content into various 'containers'.
  • These containers evolved into three distinct web pages. Each required creating a unique design and their own UI/UX challenges.
  • Sourcing visuals including illustrations and archival photos from Nova Scotia Archives.
  • Applying a 75th Anniversary visual treatment to the rest of AA Munro's website.
  • Organizing the social media strategy for the 75th anniversary.
  • Setting up specialized reporting to monitor what impact the 75th Anniversary (and its social campaigns) had on site traffic and conversions.

Results & Post-Launch

AA Munro Insurance's 75th Anniversary Celebration is a multi-page intersection of community, insurance and retrospective. Users can read the stories. They can review historical moments in Nova Scotia’s insurance industry. They can even leave their own well-wishes to add to the history.

While July marked 75 years of service, the celebrations are just getting started! Various social media campaigns are planned into 2020 to continue the story telling and add content.

Alison K Consulting and AA Munro continue to work together, as well. We are nurturing how employees deploy the social media campaigns around the anniversary. With specialized reporting created by Alison K, we are actively monitoring how the project and campaigns influence web traffic and conversion goals.

Satisfied Web Consulting Clients

"When we needed insight on how to better engage with our readership online, Alison came highly recommend. From Google Analytics to managing developers, it seems there isn't anything Alison K. can't do from a website standpoint.

Her energy is contagious and her professional knowledge runs deep. We feel confident in decisions we make about our web strategy with Alison K. at our side."

- Max Brennan, Publisher
OptiMYz Magazine Canada

"A mutual friend recommended I get in touch with Alison K to discuss strategies for Scotia Festival’s website and online presence as we look to the future. I found her most helpful; she listens, she thinks, and she isn’t pushy. What’s more, she doesn’t intimidate with jargon – I appreciated that she moved the conversation at my pace as I learned some of the concepts she wanted to cover. I look forward to working with her more in the future."

- Simon Docking
The Music Room Halifax

"Alison K helped build the bridge between my services and my online audience through various marketing tactics. Landing pages, tracking users, email sequences – even the graphics that help sell my products – I love that Alison is available to help me put these pieces together. Due to her combination of technical and marketing skills, my lists have grown and I feel confident in creating new strategies on my own."

- Janet MacDonald, Owner
My Campus GPS

"I reached out to Alison K Consulting with questions around a new website build and back-end development. In a 20-minute consultation, Alison was able to explain how sponsors may view my new site, suggest tools for the build, and help formulate a plan to move my launch forward. I appreciate the help and would encourage anyone looking to design a new website for their online business to reach out."

- Chris Cloney, Owner

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