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Website lead generation consulting for solopreneurs & small business

You work hard to put good into the world. Let’s make sure your website is a reflection of that work by super-charging it to reach new heights.

Is your website supporting your goals and mission where it really matters?

Striving to get more website traffic is great, but more eyeballs doesn’t necessarily translate into more revenue or awareness to your cause. It's time for purpose-driven solopreneurs and small businesses to think differently about the role of their website.

For your website to really work for your business or organization, you need an online home that invites the right people in and guides them along that desired customer journey.

Because an effective website doesn’t come down to how pretty it is; it’s about making sure that your readers feel like they’ve landed in exactly the right place and can’t wait to take that next natural step.

At the end of the day, this is about so much more than just websites

This is about making a clear and lasting connection with your audience.

Your website just so happens to be the tool we use in the 21st century to get there.

It’s time to stop creating websites with robots and technicalities in mind and bring it back to the humans behind the screens. Once you do that, the results naturally follow.

A website designed for lead generation is a total game changer for your mission

With the right strategy and intention behind your website...

You start attracting better-fit clients, leads, or supporters because your website gives them the information they need and gets in front of them when they’re actively looking for you online.

You start boosting your visibility and email list growth, keeping website visitors in your online world (instead of losing them to the internet abyss as soon as they click away).

You can kickstart growth (and revenue) thanks to newfound messaging clarity, fresh opportunities to expand your reach online, and a website that directly supports your bigger goals.

You have a better understanding of what’s working (and what’s not) so you and your team can focus your precious time, energy, and cash on marketing efforts that move the needle.

Headshot of Shauna Cole of HireDiverse

“Aligned all of our website work to help me achieve a bigger vision”

I thought my challenge was SEO but Alison highlighted other key opportunities and important areas of focus for my business, like my email list. Instead of moving straight to tactics, she aligned all of our work to help me achieve a bigger vision. The final report she delivered exceeded my expectations and provides clear and actionable steps I will continue to implement. Our calls are the highlight of my week.

- Shauna Cole,
Founder, HireDiverse.ca

The best news? You don’t need to outsource or redesign your website to get results

Your tiny team already have the skills to align your website with the impact you seek. All they need is the right insight and recommendations, and a concrete plan to put them into action.

And that’s where my web consulting services come in.

I wouldn’t dream of handing you a recommendations report and then going on my merry way. Through a hybrid of training, consulting, and coaching, my job is to come in and give your team the knowledge, tools, and skills they need to truly OWN your website.

Dagmar Meachem

“I can drill down deeper”

One of the biggest things Alison helped me with was creating clarity on my target market and speaking more directly to them. AND, being more authentic and letting 'Dagmar' shine through on the pages more. Alison provided a comprehensive report of my website beyond what I could have imagined. I have a clear website marketing strategy to engage my target market and drive my revenue.

- ~ Dagmar Meachem, Business & Leadership Coach
Courage Space Coaching + Consulting

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Hi! I’m Alison Knott (your website wizard)

I’ve spent the last 11+ years leveling up websites into lean, mean ROI machines.

It breaks my heart to see small nimble teams put effort into driving traffic to their site, but don't see the results they were hoping for. If you’re ready to make that website a true MVP, I’m your gal.

I’m not here to make you ditch everything you’ve done up until this point, or redo your entire website. I’m here to help you build on what you’ve already accomplished, identify new opportunities, and capitalize on them with ease.

Trusted By & Featured In

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"I came to Alison looking for ways to increase leads to my website using my podcast content."

Although I was posting on social media, I didn’t have enough direction and I was doing the same things over and over again with frustrating results. Frankly, it felt like I was dumping into a black hole.

What I needed was a plan that aligned with my desire for conversation, offered what my audience wants to see and was manageable with my busy schedule as a business owner and mom. That’s where Alison came in.

In my sessions with her, we focused on audience research and reusing existing content. Now I can deliver regular content with less pressure to come up with everything myself. After my sessions with Alison, I had new insights into the world of online marketing and concrete direction on my next steps. Having a clear direction on my path forward has been so valuable.

If you feel like you've been spinning your marketing wheels, work with Alison K. She'll have new treads on those tires in no time. I now have renewed energy to market my business and a much better understanding of how to do it beyond "post on socials."

- Sheryl Staite-Bryson,
Owner, Healthy Mom After Divorce

My web consulting clients have been able to…

  • Increase their online inquiries by more than 400%, boosting their website traffic while simultaneously lowering their bounce rate
  • Shift their focus to better-fit audiences and start clearly communicating with the people who have a direct influence on their bottom line
  • Restructure their website so that it engages their readers and pulls them towards a sale
  • Grow their email lists and target them with automated email sequences that deepen the connection and ask for action
  • Bridge the gap between plans and actions and refocus on their business goals instead of fruitless marketing activities

I know how important it is that you find the “right fit”

As a small business or nonprofit, you don’t have money to throw around on any old consultant. You need to make sure that whatever choice you make is the right one for you, your team, and your goals.

Here are a few reasons why that’s me.


I swap industry buzzwords for language YOU understand

I make it a point to keep my web consulting work jargon-free and approachable. Instead of flexing and impressing you with fancy language, I’m here to adapt industry best practices to your goals and existing knowledge.

I bring the holy trinity of website knowledge

My varied background in the areas of marketing, design, and data means I can advise you on all aspects of your digital marketing needs. From graphics to conversion rates, we can cover it all together (without you having to hire another consultant).


I set you up to be able to live without me (when you’re ready)

Overpriced retainerships just don’t serve you. My goal is to give you and your team the tools you need to take action on my recommendations on your own. I’ll become a temporary member of your team, move at your pace until you get into the flow, and set you up for long-term success.

I understand (and am flexible to) the nonprofit space

Many of my clientele operate in the nonprofit or social enterprise space. I understand the unique challenges nonprofits face when working on projects. Board approvals, regulatory requirements, limited resources: I'm ready to navigate it all with you and your team.

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Heashot of Ashley Pettipas

“I can drill down deeper”

Alison K connected the dots on how we share content to our target audience and measure results. Her consulting really helped simplify our messaging with stronger clarity, both through our website and social media. Her ability to field any technical or mundane questions I had in an encouraging manner helped me drill down deeper into how it all works.

- Ashley Pettipas, Operations & Digital Media Coordinator,
Festival Antigonish Summer Festival and Theatre Antigonish

Headshot of Barry Braun

"Puts your website to work for you"

We are a tiny team with a big heart and a big goal. Alison makes us look like we are a big team with a big heart and a big goal. She understood our 'uncommon' purpose and worked with us to simplify our messaging on our site and newsletters. She's educated our interns and volunteers on a variety of things that helps tell our story and attract the people we need to succeed in our goals. Alison knows her stuff; she has a bright spirit and incredible talent and intuition on how to put your web site to work for you.

- Barry Braun, Founder of The Happy Community Project

Web consulting packages to improve website lead generation

Marketing Magic Strategy Session

$500 CDN

A concentrated session that gives the confidence and clarity you need to turn your website and marketing into a friggin conversion machine

Is your lead magnet or offer not performing as you had hoped? Are you worried your website setup is negatively affecting visitors? Unsure which area of digital marketing you should focus on next with your website?

Spend 90 minutes to save hours of "what do I do next?" with a lead generation specialist. Together we'll focus on 1 critical aspect of conversion, so you leave the session confident, energized and organized.

Includes 90 minute strategy call and 30 minute check-in two weeks later.

Website Audit & Action Plan

from $2,500 CDN

Get expert insight on how to improve your design and messaging to increase conversion

I’ll use my marketing-, data-, and design-informed brain to look at every aspect of your website and identify which changes we can make to get more leads knocking at your virtual doors. We’ll consider the front-facing user interface while also looking “under the hood” at your data and coding to give you deeper insights into your audience and how you can reach them more effectively. Includes:

  • 1 hour kickoff meeting to dive deeper into your needs ahead of the audit.
  • Comprehensive audit on your site's user flow, design and content.
  • Multi-page strategic Audit/Action Plan outlining findings, gaps, opportunities and 5-7 recommended next steps.
  •  2 x 1 hour strategy sessions to discuss results and help you prioritize what to do next.

Price depends on the size of your site.

Done-With-You Website & Action Plan

from $4,500 CDN

For teams that need training and support to action Website Audit recommendations

This package is all about helping your team implement the recommendations I make. I work closely with them to implement Action Plan recommendations, support new skills and provide feedback and guidance. Includes:

  • Everything in Website Audit & Action Plan.
  • Weekly training/support sessions recorded via Zoom.
  • Access to my vault of templates, tools and resources.
  • 24/7 email access to me for any project-related questions you may have.

This package is a 3 month commitment.

SEO Audits & Consulting

I’ll work with you and your team to leverage SEO as a way to build your brand and get in front of people when and where they’re actively looking for your cause or services. While most SEO advice out there is targeted to SaSS and e-commerce companies, we’ll translate best practices to your business. Keeping things jargon-free, specific to your situation, and never, ever templated. Learn more about SEO consulting.

Ready to get started?

If it sounds like we might be the perfect fit, I invite you to book a 45-minute complementary website consultation with me.

Bridging the gap between doing and measuring

A Case Study: Festival Antigonish Summer Theatre and Antigonish Theatre

Festival Antigonish Summer Theatre and Theatre Antigonish (FAST/TA) offers live theater that is both professional and community theatre. It is the only professional theater company in the region of Northeastern mainland Nova Scotia. Their project priorities were:

  1. Grow their online presence to attract a larger and more diverse theatre audience.
  2. Identify and begin to use tools, analytics and trends to monitor results of changes they made in marketing.
  3. Understand what a reasonable metric is for their efforts in a post-Covid world.

FAST/TA already had strong social and organic reach locally. But who else was missing out on their great performances? The audit revealed trends and opportunities to serve the ‘Emerging Patron’: people who consume other visual/audio arts but were not yet attending theatre.

The ‘doing’ of messaging was already a well-oiled machine, but how did they know it was translating into ticket sales? The audit revealed opportunities to more closely link from social and newsletter campaigns to the site and track through to their 3rd party ticketing system.

Tasks to help meet objectives included:

  • Defining and strategizing messaging between their existing audience and the new ‘Emerging Patron’
  • Google Business Profile (formally Google My Business) optimization
  • Adding measurement of campaigns via Mailchimp, UTMs, and Google Tag Manager
  • Creating reporting connection between their ticketing system and website
  • Team training on SEO concepts such as Domain Rating/Authority and backlinks, as well as content distribution and community partnerships

FAST/TA began implementing stronger campaign tracking immediately. Suddenly the team could see a clear connection between a partner they reached out to and visits to their site via email marketing. As the Theatre prepares for a website redesign, the team is able to work more closely with their developer to insure content and SEO needs are met in a way that will allow FAST/TA to focus on content without compromising searcher intent.

In their words
"Alison is patient, present, and enthusiastic about what she does and is easily reachable for any questions big or small. She was great to help us understand and articulate our needs. The first meeting was excellent and eye-opening, as she was able to take a broad topic and break down the options within that large topic into smaller, more manageable ones.

She gave us control in what we wanted to learn/where we wanted her to maximize our time with her.

We would highly recommend anyone in any industry to work with Alison - her broad knowledge and expertise will help you improve your online presence regardless of what stage you are at. The tools and knowledge we gained from this experience will help us with not just short-term fixes, but also long-term solutions!"

- Reema Fuller, Manager Director, Festival Antigonish Summer Festival and Theatre Antigonish

Frequently Asked Questions

The 90 Minute Session is a great option if you're the only one in your company. This is because I want to make sure what I advise is sustainable for one person. I want you to succeed, not get even more overwhelmed!

The larger packages are best suited to small businesses, nonprofits and social enterprises that have a team (i.e. 2+ people) available implement my recommendations.

Not sure if that’s you? Examples of clients I’ve worked with in the past include:

  • Coaches, consultants, or service providers who operate as individuals but are supported by a virtual assistant
  • Impact-based companies with a small marketing or comms team (2+ employees that wear many hats)
  • Nonprofits and social enterprises that have 2-4 employees and a rotation of interns and/or short-term contractors 

No. My priority is to provide clear recommendations and then set your team up with the knowledge, tools, and skills you need to truly OWN your website and find long-term success (without worrying that you’re going to break everything). Should we need to contract out work at an additional investment, such as to a web developer or copywriter, I have a network of trusted partners that I will refer you to.

My goal is to support your team into self-sufficiently, not to be a long-term retainer.

An audit generally takes 2 weeks to turn around, covering multiple recommendations. From those recommendations, you identify the ones that resonate the most with your team's skill sets and goals.

I then support and train team members on how to action, monitor, and sustain results. This usually takes 1.5 months in weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

While changing up your website and your messaging can sometimes mean a change in direction in terms of who you’re attracting, we always do this with intention and empathy in mind. If we do choose to start phasing out a particular type of audience, we’ll do it with the utmost respect and come up with a strategy that will help them transition into other options seamlessly.

We’ll dive in right away to address the most glaring website issues, which means you’ll typically see changes in your website’s performance within two weeks of working together. 

I have deep experience with Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign. But can navigate around just about any newsletter platform you have!

No way! There’s no such thing as “too late” when it comes to your website or marketing. As long as you have the time, money, and interest to invest in taking a fresh approach, this is the exact best time to start. 

Are you ready to take your website to the next level?

I can’t wait to help. Schedule a free consult with me today, and let’s get you some direction on how to make your website more rewarding to your visitors and profitable for your business.